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Trim & Tassels

Trim gives your decorating project the polished look of design professionals. Just as a necktie pulls a suit and shirt together completing the outfit, trim can pull multiple fabrics together, giving your design a harmonious look and feel.

Decorative Design

Decorative trim can complete the look of so many things: pillows, lampshades, ottomans, chairs, sofas, duvets, window treatments and much more. Not every item around the house needs added flare, but when it comes to custom furnishings, trim, tassels and fringe are definitely something worth considering. Selecting the right trimmings can make your design stand out. With the perfect trimming, what was once plain is now, wow!

Dress Up Your Fabrics

At Interior Fabrics and Cutting Corners, we offer a wide selection of decorative trim to coordinate with the popular home fashions of today. Add your finishing touches with our cording, braids, tassels, beads and fringes. You won't find these styles, colors or prices anywhere else. Shop with us for your fabrics as well, and you're sure to find the perfect compliment to your home décor!