Fabric Resource

Drapery Hardware

When comprising a design for your home, drapery hardware is a very important element that shouldn't be ignored. You can have the perfect fabric picked out, but the hardware is what will be important to the success of your window treatments. Not only does it provide a strong architectural element to the room, it will help finalize the overall theme you wish to convey.

Multi-functional Purposes of Hardware Rods

But it doesn't stop there. Drapery hardware is multi-functional, serving in ways you might not realize. Hardware rods can also be used for hanging other items around the house, such as rugs or roman shades. These multi-purpose uses allow you to branch out and get creative when envisioning the look you have for your home.

Decorative Options to Compliment your Drapes

Cutting Corners, Interior Fabrics and Fabric Resource understand that a beautiful design requires options, which is why we carry a selection of decorative drapery hardware made of both iron and wood. Rods, brackets, finials and rings are sold separately, which allows you to piece together exactly what you want. Both iron and wood rods can be cut (by the customer) to fit any size window. Our store teams are available to help you choose the pieces of hardware best suited to work with the colors and fabrics of your window treatments.