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Fall Fabric Color Schemes for 2012

Do you warm up your home for fall this time of year? What are your favorite color schemes? We all have our favorite colors and the two biggest areas that allow us to surround ourselves with them are fashion and home décor.

Pantone, the color experts recently released their fall color picks for 2012. As usual, they don’t disappoint, meaning there is something for everyone. Here’s a peek at this fall’s hottest colors:

Pantone Fall 2012 Colors


Surprisingly, these colors don’t fall under the category of typical autumn colors, and that’s OK. What’s great about this palette is that it’s versatile. Not only do these colors work great for fall, but they work well for other seasons too.

It would be hard to use all the colors in your home, so we’ve put together 4 color schemes we love and have also suggested some of our fabrics that would work well within that palette.

Color Scheme #1: French Roast, Honey Gold & Tangerine Tango

Blooms-Orange-Fall Colors 2012Carson Brown Fall Colors 2012

Suggested fabrics: Blooms (orange), Carson (brown) and Lucky (gold)

Not only are all three colors gorgeous, they work very well together. The boldness of Tangerine Tango (also voted Pantone color of the year for 2012) might be a bit much to cover the walls in, but it’s perfect for complimentary fabrics and accent pieces around the home, like lamps and vases.

Color Scheme #2: Olympian Blue, Titanium & French Roast


Earth tones like gray and brown always look good together and set a solid foundation for other bursts of colors. One would think those colors are too masculine together, but when tied together with a color like a bold blue, the look changes dramatically.


Suggested fabrics: Kazoo (blue), Mendy (gray) and Glynn (earth)


Color Scheme #3: Rhapsody, Titanium & Bright Chartreuse


Since Rhapsody is a grayish purple, so it makes sense to pair it with a grey. With that said, a duo like that needs a good punch of color to make it exciting. This is why we picked Bright Chartreuse to round it out. The colors are fun and sophisticated and work all year round.

Susan Purple Fall ColorsAllen Lime Fall Color 2012Supersilk Platinum Fall Colors

Suggested fabrics: Susan (purple), Allen (lime) and Super Silk (platinum)


Color Scheme #4: Pink Flambé, Rose Smoke & Ultramarine Green


Pink and green go beautifully together, so seeing them on the Pantone 2012 fall list is no surprise. Sure, pink can be a very daring color for the home, but when done correctly, it makes a lovely statement.

Kazoo Brick 2012 Fall ColorsO Sunburst Petunia Fall Colors 2012Jefferson Teal Fall Color Selections

Suggested fabrics: Kazoo (brick), O-Sunburst (petunia) and Jefferson (teal)

Come visit us at Interior Fabrics in Scottsdale, AZ to check out some of these great fall fabrics.


Halloween DIY Party Ideas

Halloween Decorating  Ideas Scottsdale Az

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home for Halloween can be fun for the entire family. Getting the kids involved is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, or keeping them occupied on Columbus Day while they are home from School! A few things to consider beforehand are: will you be decorating with homemade goodies or store bought items, are you decorating both inside and out, will it be a fun or spooky decorating experience? No matter what you decide, there are a ton of things you can do, and lots of ways to celebrate.

For the DIY’ers, you can get creative decorating with fabrics and throws, or you can keep it cheaper with tissue paper and spider webs. Whatever your budget, there are lots of options as long as you are willing to get creative!

DIY Decorating Craft Ideas for Halloween


Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Entryway Halloween Décor with Pumpkins

Hanging Entryway with Bats

Inexpensive and Creatively Welcome Halloween DIY Signs

Homemade Jack-O’-Totem Creative Topiary Art with Faux Pumpkins

10 Cheap DIY Ideas for Decorating for Halloween

Pumpkin and Gourd Wreath for Fall


Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas for DIYers

Deranged Rose Halloween Centerpiece

Black Cat Pumpkin

Spider Web Pillow

Decorate with Candy

Spider Napkin Holders

Cheap Easy Indoor Decorating Ideas

Spooky DIY Halloween Mirror

Want Some Stylish Ideas for Halloween Decorating?


Of course you couldn’t have Halloween without candy, desserts, and near tummy aches! Whether you are having a party or just want to surprise the family with a great holiday themed item, here are some favorites that are sure to impress kids and adults alike!

Deliciously Disgusting Desert

Grave Yard Cupcakes

Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

Perfect Caramel Apples

Bloodshot Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Panna Cotta Brain with Cranberry Glaze

Ghastly Meringues

Eyeball Minicakes

Chocolate Lollipops

Spider Bites


No matter what, make sure to have fun with it, remember, even the spooky holidays should be fun! Visit us at Interior Fabrics Scottsdale to pick up all of your decorating supplies for this upcoming Halloween, to make sure you save on all of your perfectly scary fabrics!

Home Decorating Dos and Don’ts

Discount decorating scottsdale fabric for sale

When decorating a room, it can be hard to know what works and what doesn’t.
Here’s a list of 5 dos and 5 don’ts to get you started.

  1. Do Choose Fabrics, Carpets and Upholstery First. A common mistake made by people is choosing the wall color first. Since you can get paint mixed to any color imaginable, it’s easier to match the paint to the furnishings, rather than the other way around. 
  1. Don’t let your favorite color be the main color. Instead, find a complimentary color that can serve as a backdrop. This will allow you to really let your favorite color shine through special pieces. 
  1. Do Control the Traffic Pattern. Make sure that you determine where you want people to walk and then define it with furniture placement. For instance, if you want to avoid the TV being blocked, then create a path that will go around it instead. 
  1. Don’t Hang Pictures Too High. If you have to crane your neck to see a piece of artwork, it’s not in the right place. As a general rule, pictures should be hung at eye level. 
  1. Do Illuminate the Space. If the only lighting you have in the room is an overhead light, then your space might feel a little cold. A soft glow from a table or floor lamp can really cozy up the place, so think about adding some softer light options. If that’s not an option, consider adding a dimmer to your overhead lighting. 
  1. Don’t Be Too Symmetrical. Symmetry can be beautiful, but it can also be overused, making a space look a little stagnant. If you can’t arrange the furniture to be asymmetrical, try to incorporate asymmetry through artwork or collectables. 
  1. Do Identify the Focal Point. Whether it’s a headboard, a fireplace, a window or piece of furniture, identify the focal point of the room and arrange things around it to show its importance. 
  1. Don’t Leave a Hole in the Center. If there’s no other way to arrange your furniture except up against the wall, so be it. If you have an open space however, try moving your furniture into the center of the room, so it feels cozy and comfortable. 
  1. Do Purchase Quality Furniture. As you are able, purchase quality furniture. Quality construction will last longer, leaving you a solid frame should you ever decide to reupholster. 
  1.  Don’t Let Someone Else Call the Shots. This is your home. It’s your personal space and it should be treated as such. Suggestions are wonderful, but you should be the one making the final decision. At the end of the day, you need to be comfortable with the choices that have been made.