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Keeping Up With Your Kids: Bedroom Design

Kids Bedroom Furniture Design

As each year goes by, your kids grow and change into different people. Whether you have a baby, a toddler, or a child in school, their needs and styles are always morphing into something new. As a parent, trying to keep up with those changes may be leaving you feeling challenged, exhausted, and perhaps worried about cost. While there’s no way to keep your kid from growing up, there is a way to be smart about their bedroom design so it doesn’t cost you a fortune each major stage they go through. Here are two main ways to keep up with your kids when it comes to their bedroom design.

Try your best to invest in pieces that can grow with them

If you have a baby and are in the midst of creating a nursery, think ahead when it comes to furniture. If you don’t have a problem with rushing out to buy a toddler bed and then another bed after that, just focus on buying a crib. However, if you would like to save time and a little cash, look for a crib that transitions to a toddler bed. Some cribs even transition to a day bed or twin bed after that. As kids age, a smart option is to get a bunk bed or loft bed where the bottom can be used as a desk or storage area. These are especially great for teens and even new college students.

If you’re looking for furniture such as a dresser, don’t miss out on your local consignment and thrift stores. Often times, mass-produced furniture isn’t quality. Believe it or not, you can actually find some solid gems at resale shops. Sure, they might need a touch up, but the overall cost will be much less than buying new. Look for pieces you don’t mind retouching with paint or new hardware as their tastes change. At least you’ll have a good quality piece that can be used for years and years.

Let color be your friend

Paint can be the easiest and least expensive way to keep up with your child’s ever changing likes. Whether you paint the walls a solid color or create a design, this is one small thing that can go a long way. Paint can also be used on furniture like dressers, tables, nightstands, and armoires.

Colors can also be changed out by way of bed linens. Sheets, pillowcases and comforters are all ways children can express themselves without it breaking the bank. If you’re crafty, you can make bedding yourself. You could even get some cool fabric they love and recover a seat cushion, make a fabric-covered headboard, or use it to jazz up something simple like a corkboard. Using fabric for color expression is simple, and a great way to repurpose furniture instead of replacing it.

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Fabric & Design Styles Defined

Decorating Styles Houston Upholstery
The design theme is the first thing one usually takes into consideration before redecorating, but it’s can be hard to choose a theme if you aren’t familiar with the types of design that exist. Here’s a brief overview of the styles you have to choose from.



When it comes to modern design, less is more. Furnishings have a 1930s architectural style with sleek, straight lines. Decorations and details are kept to a minimum. Neutral colors and geometric shapes are prevalent, along with materials such as frosted glass, stainless steel and marble.

Mid-Century Modern

Gaining popularity during the Rat Pack days, this ‘50s and ‘60s style, influenced by Scandinavian designers and architects, was characterized by simplicity integrated with natural shapes and materials. Colors included chocolate brown, olive green and varieties of yellows and oranges.


Inviting fabrics like animal prints, florals or plaids, incorporated on large-scale wooden furniture are a great foundation for the Western look. Add leathers and natural elements, like stone or raw wood, and you’ve got cozy room.


An infusion of Native American and Spanish styles, this type of design is warm and welcoming. Colors usually reflect the nature of the desert: yellows, greens, tans, reds, browns and warm oranges. Terra cotta elements paired with stucco and ceramic materials complete the design.

Arts and Crafts

This movement came about between the late 1800s and early 1900s. It stood for traditional craftsmanship using simple forms. Some designs also incorporated romantic, folk or medieval styles of décor.


Victorian design tends to be associated with an excess of ornament. Elaborate trim, chandeliers and Gothic details are just a few of the many elements that can be incorporated within the space.


Traditional spaces are filled with European décor, with furnishings dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Rich wood tones and soft, simple fabrics such as florals, plaids, stripes and solids give a calm and orderly feel to the space.

English Country

English country incorporates rose patterns, skirted, overstuffed furniture and small decorative accents. The color palette includes shades of reds, pinks, greens and blues, which will give your space the ultimate feminine, look. 


A rustic, weathered, yet elegant look is what creates a cozy country home. Many elements have down-to-earth feel: exposed beams, wood furnishings, handmade pottery, baskets and white wood paneling, to name a few. Standard fabrics can include checked, floral and striped patterns. Most hues are muted, but pops of color add to the charm. 


This style can be defined as a mix of several styles that make up an individualized look. In order for the space to be cohesive however, the room must be based on the foundation of design (texture, pattern, color, composition), rather than having a bit of this and that thrown together. 

Art Deco

The art deco movement covered many artistic styles and movements in the early 20th century: Neoclassical, Cubism, Modernism, Constructivism, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau and Futurism. To put it simply, furnishings feature mirrored accents, rounded fronts and sleek lines. Wood furniture tends to be paired with glass tops and chrome hardware. 


Asian design varies widely, getting its inspiration through elements from countries like China, Vietnam, Japan and Thailand. The serene environment is created using colors from nature and adding accents such as bamboo, dark wood, stone and natural fibers. 


Best described as classic, with a contemporary twist, transitional design bridges contemporary and traditional design. Flooring tends to be muted, often using warm-colored wood flooring or Berber carpets. Furniture has cleaner lines and certain pieces distributed throughout the room retain some history. 


A design inspired by tropical destinations like Hawaii, Aruba or the Grand Cayman. Think furniture covered with prints of colorful flowers or palm leaves, accented by muted color rugs or walls.


Light and breezy, this design is inspired by the ocean. Navy and white colors, paired with nautical or beach-themed accessories, can give any room an airy feeling.


Clean, sleek lines and solid colors are what give contemporary style its uncluttered look. Furniture tends to sit lower to the ground and has a metal frame. Recessed or track lighting, along with abstract artwork and accents will enhance the design.


Influenced by the countries of Italy, Greece and Spain, the Mediterranean look features warm textures of fabrics like linens and velvets, surrounded by accents in colors of terra cotta, lavender, yellow and blue. When done correctly, the atmosphere should echo the sea and sky.


This blend of regal and rustic features gives a fanciful sophistication to your space. Dramatic window treatments, fresh flowers, antique furniture, repetition of color and the use of gold and bronze, make a French room complete. 


Derived from Hispanic-Moorish style influences, Moroccan incorporates layers of fabrics with intricate patterns, jewel-toned and earthy desert colors, textured walls, metal lanterns, pillows and Oriental rugs. Add some ornately carved wooden accents and you’ve got your own personal casbah.

Shabby Chic

A cottage-inspired look filled with white, neutrals and bright interiors, topped of with vintage accessories. This design allows you to be elegant, without being formal.


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