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What You Should Consider Having Custom Made—and Why

With the cost, time, and decisions involved, the thought of having anything custom made for your home may seem overwhelming. But in all reality, it shouldn’t be. True, custom made furniture, finishes and upholstery require a longer process than just picking something out at the store, but there are some benefits of custom options—ones you should truly consider when it comes time to decorate your home. Here are 3 of our suggestions for some custom essentials.



Quality draperies are an investment—and one that’s worth it if you wish to receive a fitted and elegant look. If you have unusually shaped or sized windows, custom treatments are the optimal way to make them appear their best.


Custom upholstering large pieces of furniture can add up quickly, so if cost is holding you back, start small. Instead of taking on something like an armchair or sofa, consider having the seats of your dining room chairs upholstered in fabric you love. Dining chair seats may seem a simple choice, but it’s important to remember that even something small can have a big impact on a space. For an even more significant payoff, carry that fabric pattern throughout the space by also using on your windows in the dining area. If you’re in a position to take on upholstering a larger piece of furniture, we have custom pieces suitable for every design style.


Area rugs can anchor a space and polish off a room’s design. However when the rug is the wrong size, the design verges on flawed, rather than finished. If you’re having a difficult time finding the ideal rug for your space, then consider investing in a quality, custom-fit rug made of solid material. If you need your rug to pack some extra punch, consider creating a pattern with carpet tiles. Carpet tiles are especially nice in high traffic areas or areas that may be prone to messes (i.e. a child’s playroom, nursery, family room) since tiles can be replaced individually on an as-needed basis.

In need of some encouragement, guidance or inspiration? Stop into one of our showrooms or visit us online to see what we have to offer. Our wide selections of fabrics, rugs and custom furniture pieces (we even have pillow inserts and custom covers!) should leave you with plenty of options for your project, whether it’s big or small.

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Complete the Look with Custom Window Treatments

Window treatments are the icing on the cake when it comes to home decorating. The impact they have on completing a look definitely makes them worth considering. One question you might be asking yourself is whether or not you should go with store-bought treatments or custom ones. Well, that all depends on what you want. If you primarily want to cover naked windows or simply add a touch of color, then department store window treatments will suffice. If you just can’t settle for anything other than something that matches your home’s style and it’s décor to a T, then you might want to consider custom made.


True, custom window treatments cost more than off-the-rack ones, but you’re getting a product that is tailor made to fit your windows and your space perfectly. But that isn’t the only reason custom window treatments are a wonderful investment…

  • Custom window treatments protect furnishings from harmful ultraviolet rays. Without coverings on windows, things such as walls, floors and furniture are left vulnerable to fading due to excessive sunlight.
  • Window treatments insulate, keeping your home’s interior temperature regulated all-year round. The climate control it provides is a huge energy saver!
  • Window treatments offer privacy. Draperies will block visuals and mute sounds, giving you the privacy you need.
  • Draperies give your home a style boost. Even the most beautiful of homes can look incomplete without window treatments. Custom treatments will give your space warmth and personality, making them the ultimate finishing touch.

When it comes to custom window treatments, they are generally considered functional or non-functional. Functional treatments are just that: functional. They block light, provide privacy and offer climate control. Non-functional treatments are basically decorative only, in that they are simply used as accents within the room.

With custom window treatments, you have the luxury of picking out the exact fabric truly want. Often times, stores have a nice selection, but they’re not necessarily ideal for how your home is decorated. Surprisingly, fabric can be pretty affordable, especially if you buy directly from a fabric supplier. Additionally, a fabric supplier often carries a wide selection of hardware, which is another important piece in the art of window dressing. The right hardware will showcase your custom window treatments, while providing a strong architectural element to the room.

It’s important to keep in mind that custom window treatments can last anywhere from 10 to 20 years, depending on the fabric you choose. Taking proper care of them will most likely keep them looking as good as new until you choose to update them. In the end, custom window treatments are well worth the investment.

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