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Build-a-Room Series: Luxe Living Room


Isn’t this living room gorgeous? To me, it’s a prime example of how to use neutrals in a non-boring way. When done right, neutral colors–like the ones above–can be very elegant and actually really exciting!

I thought a neutral room would be a good starting point for this new series in which we’ll discuss how you can mimic style from a variety of images in your own home. Hopefully, having a visual, as well as product suggestions on hand, will be helpful as you design your home.

If you’re one for color and pattern, hang tight–we’ll get there. The colors above may be tame, but they’re anything but “safe” due to the depth.

OK, let’s get started…

A crucial part of any welcoming living room is a comfortable sofa. Because the sofa is usually the biggest piece of furniture in the room, picking one in a neutral color is a wise choice. Neutral means more than just white or beige. Sandstone, khaki, grey and even black, are all suitable options. With a neutral sofa, you’ll be able to change up the look of your living room quickly and easily with smaller, more colorful, and less expensive decor.

Our Dobson sofa, topped off with oversized custom pillows, is ideal for a living space like this. It also comes in a loveseat option, making it easy to round out your seating area. While a number of our fabrics would be suitable for a sofa, I just love the look of Wisper, which has the look of linen but the softness of chenille.


For chairs, our Clancy is perfect, especially when covered in something like our Folly, which has a microfiber leather suede finish. Pictured below is the chocolate brown, but it also comes in rust and peat.


Time to talk finishing touches…

First of all, the rug. Did you notice how the charcoal color complements the black frames on the wall? This is what I was talking about earlier. When you layer in other neutrals you create depth and a lot more interest. Our Lotus rug, which is part of our Joanna Gaines collection, is a great pick. Just look at those striking patterns and beautiful colors of fog and beige!


Now, the drapery. To me, in a room like the one pictured above, only silk draperies will do. Therefore, to dress your windows, my top pick is our Smooth Silk fabric. It comes in a variety of colors, but to mimic this particular space, I suggest it in the color Bikaner.


Add light colored furniture, some paint or wallpaper, great lighting, and some accessories, and you’ve got a beautiful room. Be sure to come back for more in this series.


Build-a-Room Series: True Blue Dining Room


I don’t have a formal dining space, but if I did, this would be right up my alley. Light and airy, with primarily subdued colors and a splash of bold. I also really like the layout–how it looks into the family/living room. Open, but not so open to where I’d have to work at defining each space…

At first glance, the colors are what caught my eye. My favorite color is blue, so naturally, I was drawn to that bold pop of color at the top of the walls. Not only is it a beautiful shade of blue, all that white trim and wainscotting really makes it stand out. Oddly enough though, as much as I like blue, I tend to prefer it in smaller doses–which is why I was pleased to see they didn’t go overboard. I think the touches of blue they used throughout are just right!

OK, so let’s break down a few elements of the space and talk about how you can mimic this look in your own home.

We’ll start with the rug. Next, to the color, that gorgeous rug had my attention. While we offer a variety of beautiful rugs, there are two I feel would work perfectly. The first is the Ella Rose, in the color bone, from the Magnolia Home collection. It has those faded colors that give a vintage look. The second is the Layton. It’s a bit richer in color, but I think those tawny shades mixed with the blue would look amazing in that space. It really is all about your preference, so be willing to be flexible in certain areas.


In regards to dining chairs, our Victor is a perfect choice. It has an Old World look, complete with heavy carved wood legs, and comes available with and without arms.

For upholstery, my top three fabric choices are Indeed, India, and the Wanda. Here’s what they look like:

The thing is, you don’t necessarily have to go with a geometric print. Any blue and white fabric could work–even something as classic as stripes!

Finally, let’s address the window treatments. In this space, they went with a floral pattern on the valances, however, I think any garden-themed pattern would work. Take our Hargrove, Hayworth, and Hermes, for example. Each has a unique garden theme that would blend effortlessly with this space.

I hope this helped fuel your inspiration. Be sure to check back for more in this series.