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5 Situations Where a Round Rug Could Be the Better Choice for Your Space


The unexpected curves of a round rug are such a welcome change to the square and rectangular rugs we predominantly see among home interiors. That being said, why don’t we see round area rugs used as frequently? Truth be told, classic four-sided rugs are just easier. If you think about it, the rooms we dwell in, as well as the furniture we fill them with, typically contain right angles. Therefore, it just makes sense to choose a rug that doesn’t take nearly as much thought. Certain times, however, do call for a circular rug. Here are some guidelines to help you know when a round rug is the right choice for your room.  

  1. Your home has curved architectural details worth highlighting. If your home happens to have a unique curved space, embrace it by pairing the architecture with a round area rug. Not only will the complete the overall look of the room, it will enhance the architecture to a whole new level.
  2. You have a special or circular object you want to showcase. A round rug is perfect for showcasing items like chandeliers, tables, and even pianos! Be sure, however, to center the rug directly beneath the round light fixture or dining table (or whatever you have)  for maximum effect.  
  3. You need to define a certain area. Rugs are wonderful for defining spaces. In many cases, this comes in handy for open-concept floor plans. Sometimes, however, the room is large enough allowing for a separate functional space such as a reading nook. A round rug underneath a comfy accent chair and side table is a perfect way to make that part of the room have its own voice.
  4. You want a small room to appear bigger than it actually is. A round rug is a clever way to trick the eye into making a room feel larger. Rather than focusing on straight edges that run parallel to the walls, round rugs encourage the eye to scan across the arc of the room instead. This creates the appearance of a less cluttered, more spacious space. A circular rug also adds visual interest to the room, which distracts the eye from the size of the room.
  5. A standard rug just doesn’t work. Rugs typically come in standard sizes, including the popular 5 x 8 feet and 8 x 10 feet. Sometimes, however, things like furniture or structural features just don’t allow for the norm. This is where a round rug may come in handy. Its shape often requires less space, making it easier to work around any decorating challenges. For a harmonious look, make the rug big enough for all of a room’s major furniture pieces to touch.

Did you know that many of our rugs are available in round shapes? Be sure to check them out in-store or online!

How to Decorate Your Home Around a Rug


You found the perfect rug, now what?

You know a rug on the floor is a beautiful thing and that working it into your decor shouldn’t be so challenging–but alas, it actually is. Sure, sometimes, a rug is the ideal starting point for the rest of your interior design, but in most cases, you have to work hard to incorporate it into what’s already going on in your home.

Here are some tips we hope you’ll find helpful if you’re struggling to decorate a room around a rug:

(1) Carry your rug with you.

Obviously, we know you can’t take the actual rug with you when you shop, but you most certainly can take a visual. Snap a picture of your rug in good lighting so you can have a clear and solid reference on hand at all times.

(2) Don’t stress over coordinating it all.

Yes, by all means, select items that coordinate with the rug, but don’t go crazy. There may come a time when you’d like to replace the rug and it’s easier to swap out small items like accent pillows than something much more expensive such as custom window treatments.

(3) Focus on furniture placement. 

Did you know that how you arrange the furniture can help play up the shape of the rug? For example, a round or oval rug can be the room’s feature accent simply by situating sofas and chairs slightly off the edge. Another approach would be to arrange furniture so it sits directly on top of the rug. Doing this allows the rug to blend in with the room, rather than appearing to be isolated from it.

(4) Match the rug to the room.

To its shape, that is. The shape of the room can really be highlighted when the rug is similar in shape. Of course, the rule can be broken, but overall, square rooms benefit from square rugs, round rooms from round rugs…you get the idea.

(5) Let the rug be your anchor. 

Placing the rug where you want it first can really make the rest of the decorating process easier. Where you put the rug is often the center of the room–or, in open floor plans, an area that needs to be clearly defined. Once the rug is down, where you put furniture and accents typically fall into place.

(6) Don’t shy away from bold. 

A rug can easily be a statement piece in your home, so don’t shy away from getting one that’ll do just that. If you find a bold rug you can’t seem to live without, then get it. With some careful planning and a little tweaking, you can have a room that completely suits your taste.

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6 Ways to Welcome Spring Into Your Home


Even if you’ve had a mild winter, there’s something about spring that gets us excited. From extra sunshine to greenery all in bud, spring has some much to offer. Here are some ways you can connect with nature and bring some of the freshness of the season into your home.

Give your living room a color makeover. Replace those winter hues with a lighter, spring-inspired palette. If you have heavy window treatments, take them down and hang up something like curtains in an airy fabric or a lightweight shade instead. Change out accent pillows, repaint the walls (or just a single one), and look for some new accessories in softer colors.

Grow a herb garden. A few potted herbs on a window sill (or counter) not only look great, they give you an opportunity to expand your culinary skills.

Roll up the rugs. If you have a lot of area rugs in your home, consider rolling a few of them up. After a long season of thick wool socks and warm, cushy rugs, a bare floor can be a treat for your feet.

Pretty up your porch or patio. Whether you love to entertain or not, prettying up your porch or patio is a great way to embrace spring. Pot some plants, recover seat cushions with new fabric, hang up a hammock, or simply add a mirror or some string lights–any little touches can make a big improvement.

Fill vases with fresh flowers or greenery. What says spring more than flowers? It doesn’t really matter if you pick up a small bouquet from the grocery store or handpick some from your very own garden–filling vases, decorative bottles, or even mason jars, are a great way to add pops of spring throughout your home. Fresh cut leaves with long stems are another option. Anything green will work, really–just do what makes you happy.

Open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. Seriously, simply opening the windows after a long season of cold can do wonders for your mood. Not only will it air out your home, it will allow you to soak in the sounds and smells that this refreshing season brings.


Using Pillows and Rugs to Finish off Your Farmhouse Style

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from watching Joanna Gaines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper, is that textiles play a huge role in bringing warmth and comfort into a farmhouse-styled interior. With all that shiplap and rustic wood, there needs to be something to soften the space–and that’s where textiles come into play. When we talk about textiles, we mean a type of cloth or woven fabric, which includes things like upholstery, window treatments, area rugs, pillows, and linens. While all of these items are a big part of the design style, we’re only going to focus on two: pillows and area rugs.

Why decorate with throw pillows?

In a nutshell, throw pillows are the easiest way to give your home’s interior an instant makeover. They add an extra layer of comfort, they help edit an existing color palette, and they provide visual interest when not much else is going on. While these certainly aren’t the only reasons you can benefit from them, they are important ones–especially for a farmhouse interior. We know that modern farmhouse style requires a neutral color palette, and pillows, are the way to incorporate those tiny splashes of color that keep the space feeling a bit more personal.

Why decorate with area rugs?

While area rugs are a wonderful way to protect your flooring, they are equally wonderful at pulling together a design style. Again, with farmhouse style’s neutral color palette, a large area rug can be that splash of color, pattern, or texture you need to fill the home with personality. For farmhouse design style, you can’t go wrong with natural fiber rugs such as sisal, jute, seagrass, and wool. With that said, don’t brush off synthetic fiber options because there are some really beautiful ones, such as this:

Joanna Gaines Area Rugs Houston

As you work on your farmhouse interior–or any interior for that matter, we hope you’ll stop in our stores or browse our website to see what textiles we have to offer. If it’s farmhouse style you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. We now proudly carry the Joanna Gaines collection of pillows and rugs, which should make your style transition even easier.

Finding the Perfect Farmhouse Rug


If you’re anything like me, the more choices there are, the harder it is to make a decision. This is especially challenging when it comes to farmhouse style rugs. Joanna Gaines makes it seem so easy, but to me–not so much. What we do know from Joanna is that a neutral palette is crucial to a successful modern farmhouse interior–so it only makes sense that we err on the side of caution and go neutral in the rug department. That doesn’t mean color is a total no-no, it just means you need to be a bit more selective on where you incorporate it. Unfortunately, the decision process doesn’t get much easier considering there is such a wide variety of farmhouse style rugs to choose from. Perhaps talking a bit about rugs, in general, will at least help you understand the best choices for a modern farmhouse interior.

In my opinion, the five best rug choices for a farmhouse style home are wool, jute, sisal, seagrass, and something made from polypropylene, viscose, or polyester. The first four are what we call natural fibers. The last few, however, are not–but we’ll talk about that later.

Natural fiber rugs are wonderful. Not only are they environmentally friendly, their casual elegance can blend in with any design style. Here’s a quick rundown on the natural fiber rugs mentioned above:

  • Wool: Sustainable, durable, fire resistant, spill resistant, and vibrant when dyed
  • Jute: Exceptionally soft, but not typically durable enough for high-traffic areas
  • Sisal: Very tough and durable, but easily stainable because of its absorbency
  • Seagrass: Non-porous, full of texture, stain-resistant, durable, and easy on bare feet

Although polypropylene, viscose, and polyester are synthetic fibers, they still have some excellent benefits. They are durable, inexpensive and easy to maintain. When it comes to rugs, they tend to have soft, luxurious look with notable high luster. They also hold bright colors. They are naturally mold- and mildew-resistant and easy to clean. Because they are more sensitive fibers, however, rugs made of these materials are best used in lower-traffic areas.

As mentioned earlier, we know farmhouse style revolves around a neutral palette–but an area rug can be the perfect way to add a splash of color if you don’t have much in the space. Recently, Joanna branched out and created her own collection of area rugs that you can check out on our website. It’s a gorgeous collection and there’s no doubt you’ll find something that will work perfectly in your farmhouse home.

The Importance of Rugs in Your Farmhouse Design

If you love HGTV star Joanna Gaines’ modern farmhouse decorating style, then you’re sure to love her new rug line. If you haven’t heard, the collection is finally complete and available for purchase. What we love so much about Joanna is her consistency to produce a style that is simple, fresh, and timeless. Therefore, it’s no surprise that her rugs reflect that.


When it comes to decorating a home, rugs tend to be one of the items that get overlooked–and it’s a shame since they bring so much to a home’s interior. It’s important to remember that area rugs are such an integral part of decorating–no matter what your design style.

Rugs provide a variety of benefits. They can change the feel of a room. They can define a space in open floor plans. They can liven a space with color or bring it back down to earth when it’s too bold. They provide protection for your floors. They add warmth and texture. The list goes on…

To ensure you get the most out of your investment, it’s important to make sure the rug fits the space properly. Rugs should cover a larger area than your furniture covers. In other words, your chairs and sofa should fit within the area of the rug. If you’re placing a rug in the bedroom, it should fit under the bed, extending far enough on both sides.

If your favor Joanna’s modern farmhouse style, your rug choice should be carefully thought out. When your furniture and decor is neutral, let your rug be the showstopper. If the furniture is bold, choose a rug blends in with its environment. The goal is to add color and texture in a way that stays true to the design style.

We are pleased to announce that we have Joanna’s collection of rugs available for our clients. Be sure to browse this gorgeous collection, which is sure to provide your farmhouse decorating style the finishing touch it needs.


What to Look For in a Rug If You Have Pets


Pets are part of the family–and although we love them, we love our floors, too. Our four-legged friends can wear even the sturdiest of flooring down, so it’s important to protect it as best as we can. It’s situations such as these that make having an area rug or two (or three or four) a necessity. Instead of laying down pet-resistant carpet all over your home, protect your flooring with style. Here are some tips on what to look for when it comes to pet-friendly rugs.

Tip #1: Consider an Indoor/Outdoor Rug

Indoor-outdoor rugs are incredibly fashionable these days, making them more than suitable for the inside of your home. You can find so many styles of indoor-outdoor rugs it’d be hard NOT to find one that complements the interior of your home.

These rugs are durable, yet soft on the feet, and very easy to clean. It’s no wonder they are a popular choice among pet owners. The fact that they aren’t as expensive as other area rugs make them popular for people who don’t have pets as well.

Tip #2: Stick with Small Patterns

Patterned rugs are a great choice whether your have pets or not. With that said, if you do have pets, then your best bet is to stick with rugs that have small patterns. Big patterns with large exposed areas of solid colors are beautiful, but they aren’t very good at disguising dirt and other stains our beloved critters bring. Additional tip: opt for patterns in darker colors, as light colors show everything.

Tip #3: Keep it Low

As in low pile. A low pile rug will sustain less damage than a higher pile one. Animals–especially cats–like to dig, and you can expect them to do just that if you purchase a fluffy rug. Low-pile rugs can be just as soft as high-pile ones, so don’t think you can’t find something comfortable. Shop around and you’ll be sure to find something that suits your taste.

Tip #4: Be Mindful of Material

There are several fibers to choose from when it comes to rugs, but there are a few that stand out as being the best option for your pets. The first is seagrass. Not only do they look great, they are water resistant. Additionally, they aren’t overly expensive, so it wouldn’t be too bad to replace if needed. The second is wool. Wool area rugs are durable, easy to clean and come in a variety of colors and patterns. With that said, they are definitely a big investment. The third option is nylon. A 100% nylon rug is a wonderful option. While they can cost more than a wool rug, they can easily be freshened up with a good steam clean.

Having a pet-friendly rug around will certainly make your home more comfortable for your furry friend(s). Be sure to check out our selection of area rugs to see what we have to offer you and your pet.

Warm Up Your Home (and Your Feet) with a Beautiful Area Rug

When it’s frosty outside, the inside of your home beckons for extra coziness. An area rug is an excellent way to add warmth and style to your space during those especially cold months of the year. However, with rugs available in so many styles, shapes, and sizes, it can be challenging to choose the right one, as well as the right location for it. Let’s take a look at some common rug materials and where (or how) to use them.

Welcoming Wool

Wool rugs are not only beautiful; they’re virtually indestructible. They feel warm underfoot, hold up under high-traffic pressure, and come in a variety of gorgeous patterns, making them ideal for any design style and any style of family. Wool rugs keep their good looks cleaning after cleaning, which is just another reason this fiber is loved by so many.

No-Fail Natural

Casual, airy and environmentally friendly are three big selling points when it comes to natural fiber rugs. Another beautiful aspect of natural fiber rugs is that they are flat woven. This means they have no pile and are often reversible. They are known for their tough stain resistance, and can hold a variety of dyes, making them a nice choice for warming up your space. Jute, sisal, and sea grass are popular natural fiber rugs that are beautiful and full of texture.

Simply Synthetic

Synthetic rugs are popular in all areas of the home because they are easy to clean and incredibly durable. These rugs are also priced lower than rugs made of natural fibers, especially rugs made of 100% wool. If you have extremely busy or mess-prone areas–or, if you enjoy transforming your space as the seasons change–then a synthetic rug will meet your needs.

Still can’t make up your mind? Try shopping by style. If you have a traditional home, then something understated will be more fitting. Consider soft hues and lovely patterns such as florals or low-key geometrics. If your style is modern, opt for bolder patterns in bright colors. High piles and rich texture are perfect for contemporary homes. If you have a rustic or eclectic style, you might enjoy the look of a tribal pattern or some mix-matched colored rugs or patterns.

Finding the Perfect Place for Your Rug

Honestly, there aren’t many places you can’t place a rug. Wherever you need warmth, texture or color is where it needs to go.

You can put an area rug in the entryway…


In the kitchen…


Under your dining room table…


Beneath your desk…


To soften a child’s floor space…


On an open terrace, patio or deck…


See? Anywhere! 

The great news is that if you’re in need of a rug, we have gorgeous ones on sale right now for 30% off! If you’re in Katy or nearby, come in Central Houston or North Houston Interior Fabrics showroom to browse our selection or check them out here.