Creative Fall Centerpieces for 2012

Creative Fall Centerpieces 2012 Fort Worth

Creative Centerpieces For Autumn

As family and friends gather around your table, make sure you have a centerpiece that shows your holiday spirit as well as your creativity. Here are some great ideas that range from traditional to unique.

The Classic Cornucopia 

It’s classic for a reason. The cornucopia is warm, welcoming, and exudes all things Thanksgiving. Decorative cornucopias come in all sorts of sizes, which allows you to really get creative. A cornucopia filled with gourds, Indian corn and other fruits of harvest, placed upon an autumn-hued tablecloth or runner is a timeless centerpiece perfect for anyone

Coffee Bean Candles

A fun idea that will also bring a nice aroma into the room is a coffee bean candle centerpiece. Fill a mason jar about ¾ of the way with whole coffee beans, nestle a tea light on top, tie a bow around the jar with some twine, and voila, you have a centerpiece not quite like any other.

Candles & Rocks

This is an easy centerpiece and it looks great. Take 3 votive candles (placed in tiny candleholders or tiny flowerpots) and set them on a rectangular porcelain tray or piece of mirror. Nestle the candles in some moss and polished rocks for a simple, no-nonsense arrangement that will work for many occasions. Add polished stones engraved with words fitting for specific holidays (i.e. thankful, joy, love, blessings, etc).

Floral Bell Peppers

It may sound strange, but it makes a perfect fall centerpiece. Get an assortment of colored bell peppers, like green, orange, red, yellow, or a mixture thereof, and cut it an inch from the top, ensuring it is not completely cut off. Hollow and clean out each pepper, so it can be stuffed with seasonal flowers and leaves. To really make them pop, set them on small autumn-colored plates, like brown or gold.

Gourd Vase

Seasonal vegetables don’t have to be just for eating. A butternut squash can make an excellent vase once the top is cut off and the flesh is scooped out. Fill the vase, or vases if you like a fuller arrangement, with fall flowers like sunflowers, dahlias, or mums. Use footed plates to vary the heights of multiple vases.

Leaves & Fruit

Make your own table runner out of fall-colored felt or wool flannel, picked up from your local fabric retailer. Add ribbon down the middle, securing it with fabric glue or double-sided tape. Place baby pumpkins on top of a cake stand, and set it in the center. Scatter leaves, gourds, more pumpkins, pears and apples along the runner to finish it off.

Stemware Flowers

Often times, your very own stemware can make a great centerpiece. Cut the stem off of flower and set the bloom head in the glass. Use a variety or wine, martini or champagne glasses to make it even more visually appealing. For something different, place the glasses facedown on top of the bloom, and set upon a decorative charger. To have the look last all season, use silk flowers rather than fresh.

These are just some of the numerous centerpiece ideas out there. There are so many great elements of fall that can be used as material for all your projects. It doesn’t take much to make a truly unique centerpiece everyone will love.

Fall is a great time to stop in to see us at Cutting Corners in Fort Worth to check out our discount designer fabrics for special decorating projects, as well as ongoing home decor maintenance.


Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas for Your Home Houston Texas

When the temperatures begin to drop and the leaves begin to change colors, you know that fall is here and that Thanksgiving is on its way. In most cases, the dining room table is the main attraction when friends and family are gathered together for the holiday, but the decorating doesn’t have to stop there. Thanksgiving decorations can be spread throughout other areas of the house as well. Here are some ideas for your home that will help you get geared up for turkey day.

Start outside. This time of year, most of the summer blooms are fading, so be sure to take advantage of the fall blooms that are available. Mums are beautiful fall flowers that come in a variety of colors. Combine them, along with some pumpkins or gourds on your front porch for a warm and welcoming look.

Change out some accents. Sometimes all it takes is some color changing around the house to change the mood. Think about swapping out throw pillows, placemats, or drapery to something more fitting for the season. If that’s not an option, it can be something as simple as changing table centerpieces, candles or kitchen items like hand towels and pot holders.

Make a wreath. There are lots of materials you can find that will allow you to make a beautiful autumn wreath for your front door. Visit your local craft store or fabric supplier for materials like ribbon, yarn, burlap, linen, decorative paper, artificial leaves and silk flowers.  You could even use outdoor elements like twigs, acorns, pumpkins, apples, cornhusks and pinecones.

Jazz up your mantle. The fireplace is usually a great focal point in any room, so why not use it in your decorating scheme? Try creating something to drape across or hang from it. For instance, you can make a beautiful fall-themed garland by cutting triangles out of a fabric like burlap and then hot gluing them to a piece of wide ribbon. For extra punch, add charms or stencils to the triangles to add graphics or spell out Thanksgiving-themed words. Another type of garland could be strings of autumn-hued wooden beads. If you don’t have much time to make your own garland, swing by the craft store for some faux foliage garlands, pumpkins, gourds and candles to dress up your mantle.

Create your own tablecloth, runner or placemats. There are often a lot of tablecloths and runners to choose from at the store, but sometimes, it’s hard to find exactly what you want. If you fall into that category, try making your own! A fabric store can supply you with all the fabrics you need to piece your project together. For something sophisticated, sew some lace or fall-themed ribbon to the edge of a solid-colored piece of cloth big enough to fit your table. If you aren’t handy with a needle or sewing machine, think about purchasing a hot glue gun to adhere your own trim. For something a little different, you could cut pumpkins or leaf shapes out of felt and affix them to a piece of fabric. By creating it yourself, there’s really nothing you can’t get out of your project.

There are great resources out there to help you get started on your Thanksgiving decorating project. The Internet is full of information—websites like Better Homes and Gardens or HGTV are full of step-by-step instructions on how to get from start to finish. If you have a fabric retailer nearby, don’t hesitate to speak with an employee. Often times, they’ll be able to help you narrow down what fabrics will work best for your project. The great thing is that these decorations can be used over and over in the years to come. Have fun and have a Happy Thanksgiving!



Decorating With Mirrors

Decorating With Mirrors Houston

Mirrors bring light and depth into a room, which can greatly enhance your space. The right mirror can illuminate a dark corner, be a focal point, start a conversation, give an illusion of space, or serve as a piece of art. Here are some ideas for decorating your home with mirrors.

Add a large mirror to a narrow space. If you want to make a small area look larger, then adding a mirror is the way to do it. For instance, say you have a narrow hallway. Placing a large mirror on the wall will make the area feel less confined. Hang some artwork on the opposite wall for some added drama.

Hang multiple mirrors on one wall to create art. You want them to be visually pleasing, like artwork, so group them together in a way that makes sense. The mirrors should also be proportional to each other as well as the wall. In other words, stick with small mirrors on small walls and larger mirrors on large walls.

Use a mirror to brighten up your entryway, or any area that lacks a lot of natural light, for that matter. Hanging a mirror above, or sitting it on an entryway table, is a great way to reflect light from elsewhere in the house.

Create a second window. Say you have one great window decked out with amazing window treatments, but you still wished you had another. Create one with a mirror. Hang the mirror to the side of or directly across from the window you have, to give the illusion of another one.

Buy a piece of mirrored furniture or do-it-yourself. Mirrored furniture was a hot trend in 2011 and continues to be a great way to add some style and function to your home. There are so many mirrored pieces to choose from: dining room tables, nightstands, cabinets, nesting tables, entertainment centers, coffee tables and much more. For the DIY’s out there, buy pieces of mirrors and add them to current furniture in your home. For something less permanent, you could do something fun like setting a full-length mirror on top of a dining room table for added drama. No matter what you choose to do, mirrored accents on furniture are a great way to reflect and enhance the fabrics you have on your other pieces.

Do something fun. Don’t want a traditional headboard? Buy squares of mirrored tiles and add them to the wall behind your bed. Have a fireplace that sits empty during warm weather? Place a mirror behind some pillar candles, sit back, relax and enjoy the reflection of the flickering light. Looking to do some backyard landscaping? Make a faux pond by placing a mirror on the ground and surrounding the edges of it with plants and stones.

From the traditional to the non-traditional, there are many ways to use mirrors in your home. Whichever way you choose to use them, you’re sure to love the way they make your space look.

If you need a hand getting started with your next home design project, drop by our Interior Fabrics location in Houston. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff would love to help get your next home design project rolling.


Designer Window Treatments and Drapery

Designer Window Treatments and Drapery Ft Worth Tx

If you have ever wanted to update the look of any room in your home, making your own drapes just may be the way to go!  In many cases, custom drapes are cost prohibitive.  You can achieve the look you want, with the fabric of your dreams, by sewing your own custom drapes.

What Design Do You Want?

The first step is to decide on the look you want for your room.  Is your furniture contemporary, classic or rustic?  What is your existing color palette?  Once you have decided on the overall theme for your room, it is time to select your fabric.  Do you need functional drapes for your windows (light blocking fabric, sound deadening fabric, fabric for privacy or to keep in/out heat and cold), or do you prefer decorative drapery, with sheer fabric to let in the natural light or fabric that will add personality to a room?  If you  live in a hot, dry Fort Worth climate or a hot and humid Houston climate – you may

Select Drapery Hardware

The second step is to select your drapery hardware.  The drapery hardware you select will provide a more aesthetically pleasing overall look for the room.  Again, you should ask yourself the following questions as you choose your window hardware:

Will you need drapery hardware that is contemporary designs, modern, classic or rustic?  Would you prefer a wood or metal finial and drapery rod?  Do you need drapery hardware that is more functional or more decorative?

Picking the Perfect Designer Drapery

The third step is to decide on what type of drapes you want.  Functional and decorative drapes include Roman shades, valances, cornices, swags, pinch-pleat or draw drapery, and drapery panels.  And within these categories, there are many options to choose from. For instance, the cascade on a swag (a tapered piece of fabric which is very decorative) can be hung over or under or alongside the swag.  And as for valances, there are inverted pleat valances, cinch-pleated valances, geometric valances, scalloped valances, café valances, and the simple straight valance.

DIY Designer Drapes

Many companies such as Simplicity, Vogue, McCall’s and Butterick make patterns for drapery panels, valances, swags and many different window treatments.  The possibilities are endless!  You may try browsing at a window treatment store for ideas, and then visit your local drapery fabric store to select a fabric that fits the style of your home and your lifestyle.  Your finished window treatment will provide that custom look and feel at a fraction of the cost.

How to Design the Perfect Girl’s Bedoom


How to Design The Perfect Girl's-Bedroom

The interests of young girls are ever changing, so as a parent, you might think it’s almost impossible to design a room that she’ll be happy with for a while. Your daughter will want comfort, privacy and possibly some room to entertain friends. From the ultra girly, to the room that requires a bit of glamour, and everything in between, designing the perfect girl’s room is possible. 

For the Playful Girly Girl: Focus on Patterns & Bold Colors 

Solids are needed to keep a room grounded, but sticking with solids all the way through a design, can look a bit tired and feel somewhat boring, especially to a young girl. Don’t be afraid to be playful with patterned fabric and bold walls. Deck out her bedding and furnishings like chairs, rugs and window treatments, with bold patterns of flowers, stripes, dots or whatever else suits her personality. A local fabric supplier is a wonderful place to look for exactly what she wants.

Bold colors on the wall are a great accent to the patterns scattered throughout the room. If patterned fabric is minimal however, think about adding design to the walls through stick-on decals or painted graphics like flowers, polka dots or swirls.

For the Sophisticated Girl: Think Vintage-Modern & Versatile Furnishings 

There’s no need to spend a fortune when decorating a teen’s bedroom. Take a day and go thrift shopping. There are a ton of hidden gems out there that can make that girly girl get that touch of sophistication she wants in her room.

Look for vintage lighting and furniture that can serve multiple purposes (i.e. a desk that can also be used as a vanity). Paired with subdued colors, whimsical patterns, and inexpensive accessories, you’ve got yourself a girly, yet sophisticated space.

For the Glam Girl: Drama, Drama, & More Drama

Sometimes a girl just wants to be surrounded by all things glamorous. Thankfully, this can be done through fabric choices and accents.

For this particular bedroom, the bed should be the most dramatic piece in the room. The best way to accomplish this is by sticking with satin. Whether the bedding is solid or print, satin, more than any other fabric out there exudes glamour. To increase the drama even further, consider an upholstered headboard, embellished with nail heads or beadwork.  Add a multitude of throw pillows and you’ve got a luxurious and glamorous start to the room.

Lighting also plays a big part so it’s important to be selective. For the best result, a chandelier is a great way to glam up any room. Accent lighting is also important, so think about adding a lamp or wall sconce.

To finish of the design, focus on accents. Add a mirror to the top of a nightstand, add a faux animal rug to the floor and hang up some black and white art prints. These are just some of the many ways you can finalize your glamour design.

Once you have a plan in mind, we will be happy to help you find the right designer upholstery fabrics that fit your project, but also are a great price! Visit us at Cutting Corners in Dallas to ensure you get the best discount fabrics, and we’ll make sure your daughter’s room is a success.

Understanding the Language of Color

Understanding the Language of Color Dallas

If you walk into a fabric store, it’s easy to pinpoint the colors you love. However, if you don’t know the ins and outs when it comes to what colors mean, you might have a hard time getting the right fabrics for your home. Here is a little guide so you can feel more confident when working through the color wheel to find the perfect scheme for the rooms you are designing.

Tint is the mixture of a saturated color with white, which increases lightness. All pastels would be considered a tint.

Shade is the mixture of a saturated color with black, which reduces lightness. All muted colors would be considered shades.

Hue is the property of light by which the color of an object is classified as red, blue, green or yellow in reference to the spectrum. Basically, it’s just another name for color.

Value refers to the relative lightness or darkness of a certain area. As a general rule, colors of the same value work better together.

Primary colors are red, yellow and blue.

Secondary colors are orange, green and purple. These colors are created when mixed from the two primary colors that flank them: red and yellow make orange, blue and yellow make green and red and blue make purple.

Tertiary colors are a blend of a secondary color and the primary color closest to it on the color wheel. They are not half and half blends, but rather a blend containing more of one color than another. Mixing the primary color yellow, with the secondary color orange, will give you the tertiary color yellow-orange. Another example would be red (primary) mixed with orange (secondary), which would make red-orange. Other tertiary colors are blue-green, yellow-green, blue-violet and red-violet.

Complementary colors are opposite to each other on the color wheel: green and red, purple and yellow, orange and blue. Other colors would include lime green and magenta and teal and coral. The high contrast of complementary colors creates a vibrant look especially when used at full saturation. You don’t have to stick with the literal colors on the color wheel in order to get complementary colors. Today, there are updated schemes that can be executed brilliantly with wall color, accents and fabric on chair cushions and pillows.

Monochromatic colors are all the colors (tints, tones, and shades) of a single hue. For example a monochromatic room in blue might start with a single shade of blue paired with white. It might also include pale blue walls, medium blue window treatments and dark blue upholstery. To tie the scheme together, the rug or accents might be a combination of blue and white.

Analogous colors are colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Some examples would be green, yellow-green and yellow or red, red-violet and violet.

If you still have question, we will be happy to help you sort through our fabulous assortment of designer fabrics at Cutting Corners in Dallas, TX. Feel free to stop in Monday through Sunday during our shop hours, and we will assist you with all of your fabrics questions!

Classic Color Combinations for Your Home

Classic Color Combinations for Your Home North Houston

Classic Color Combinations for Your Home 

Home design trends come and go, but there are some classic color combinations that stand the test of time. Take a stroll through your local fabric store or find a fabric supplier online to get inspiration and also to purchase fabrics and hardware that will get you the exact look you want for you home. To get you started, here are 6 color combinations that won’t let you down.

Black and White 

The black and white color combination is timeless. Not only does it offer a clean and sophisticated look, it also serves as a great backdrop for pops of other colors. For instance, a living room with white couches, black furniture, and black and white drapes or curtains can have even more impact when accented with throw pillows or accents in colors of hot pink, teal, bright green or red.

Green and Blue 

Both of these colors are cool, refreshing and welcoming. These colors are also a great way to bring the charm of the outdoors, inside the walls of your home. For a more modern feel, you can intensify the palette by using deeper shades like navy and kelly green. Try using one of them as accents on throw pillows and rugs, or let them pack a bigger punch as a large item like a couch, while using the other color as a nearby accent color on a rug or drapes.

Earth Tones 

Earth tone colors are derived from the natural things around us like soil, leaves, the sun, stones and the sky. This type of color palette can create a very warm atmosphere. A neutral room, grounded in shades of grey or brown, looks great with rug, drape, accessory, and pillow accents in bolder earth tones like reds, oranges, greens and blues.

White and Blue 

The tint or tone may change, but the concept of white and blue, never go out of style. White and blue, often thought of as invoking a nautical feeling, isn’t really the only look these colors work for. White and blue color combinations work for traditional rooms, contemporary rooms and everything in between. Play around with weight of each color, and even try using more than 1 shade of blue or adding in a cream for some lasting power.

Yellow and Green 

These two colors take us back to nature. If they work together outdoors, it only makes sense that they would work together indoors as well. No matter how you want to use these colors—vibrant, subdued, or scattered lightly throughout—these colors look amazing together.

Blue and Orange

This color combination is cool, casual and fun. Orange and blue isn’t necessarily a traditional color combo, but it’s becoming a popular one that appears to be sticking around for quite a while. Jazz up any room with punches of these two colors through furniture fabrics and accents like vases, lamps or pillows.

Holiday Decorating Combinations

During the holidays, try decorating with different color combinations to give your home a brighter or updated feel. When decorating for Halloween, try using teal and pink, while mixing in some black. You can also keep things a little bit more traditional, while still spicing them up by using purple and green. For a more elegant Christmas look, try sticking with white and cream with sprinkles of red for pops of color.

Need a great fabric shop who has cheap fabric but fabulous quality? Come see us at Interior Fabrics on FM 1960 in North Houston to find great deals on discount designer fabrics for decorating your home, along with accent rugs, drapery hardware and more.

Halloween DIY Party Ideas

Halloween Decorating  Ideas Scottsdale Az

Halloween Decorating Ideas

Decorating your home for Halloween can be fun for the entire family. Getting the kids involved is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon, or keeping them occupied on Columbus Day while they are home from School! A few things to consider beforehand are: will you be decorating with homemade goodies or store bought items, are you decorating both inside and out, will it be a fun or spooky decorating experience? No matter what you decide, there are a ton of things you can do, and lots of ways to celebrate.

For the DIY’ers, you can get creative decorating with fabrics and throws, or you can keep it cheaper with tissue paper and spider webs. Whatever your budget, there are lots of options as long as you are willing to get creative!

DIY Decorating Craft Ideas for Halloween


Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Entryway Halloween Décor with Pumpkins

Hanging Entryway with Bats

Inexpensive and Creatively Welcome Halloween DIY Signs

Homemade Jack-O’-Totem Creative Topiary Art with Faux Pumpkins

10 Cheap DIY Ideas for Decorating for Halloween

Pumpkin and Gourd Wreath for Fall


Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas for DIYers

Deranged Rose Halloween Centerpiece

Black Cat Pumpkin

Spider Web Pillow

Decorate with Candy

Spider Napkin Holders

Cheap Easy Indoor Decorating Ideas

Spooky DIY Halloween Mirror

Want Some Stylish Ideas for Halloween Decorating?


Of course you couldn’t have Halloween without candy, desserts, and near tummy aches! Whether you are having a party or just want to surprise the family with a great holiday themed item, here are some favorites that are sure to impress kids and adults alike!

Deliciously Disgusting Desert

Grave Yard Cupcakes

Jack-O-Lantern Cupcakes

Perfect Caramel Apples

Bloodshot Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Panna Cotta Brain with Cranberry Glaze

Ghastly Meringues

Eyeball Minicakes

Chocolate Lollipops

Spider Bites


No matter what, make sure to have fun with it, remember, even the spooky holidays should be fun! Visit us at Interior Fabrics Scottsdale to pick up all of your decorating supplies for this upcoming Halloween, to make sure you save on all of your perfectly scary fabrics!

Home Office Decorating Ideas

Home Office Decorating Ideas Fort Worth Tx

A home office can be one of the hardest spaces to decorate. If it’s too cozy, you might not be able to focus on work and if it’s too professional, then it doesn’t really feel like home. So where’s the balance? Believe it or not, it is possible to blend the coziness and professionalism. When designed correctly, your home office can be both comfortable and inspiring, which will enhance your mood and increase your effectiveness. Here are some tips on how to get it done. (more…)

Fun Playroom Decorating Ideas

Decorating a playroom with style Austin Texas

Children love to play and it’s important that they have a special place of their own to do so. Not everyone lives in a climate where playtime can occur outside for long periods of time all year round, so having a space indoors for him or her to have fun becomes a necessity. With that said, however, not every home is equipped with adequate space for this, so parents are required to get creative. Whether you have a whole room, a section in the basement, or a corner in a bedroom, there are ways to make a designated play area. Here are a few ideas that will hopefully inspire you to design the perfect space for your little one to have some fun.

Design for the Child, Not for You 

As a parent, you are probably full of ideas for a playroom, but what you have in mind might not actually be things your child likes, or wants, for that matter. Since your child is the one who will spend the most time in that area, it’s really important to be in tune with their interests. Maybe your son is big into trains, legos or sports, while your daughter is into books, drawing or playing dress-up. Find items like a small table, an easel or a cushy chair, that will help promote their interests. If you’re tight on space, try putting a rubber mat on the floor that trucks or trains can roll across, and instead of an easel, paint a square in chalkboard paint on the wall so they can create masterpieces.

Splash it With Color

There are lots of fun colors out there to choose from that can make a playroom a desirable place for your little ones. And color, doesn’t have to stay on the walls. Color can be incorporated in a variety of ways: on furniture, with an area rug and with window treatments. By visiting your local fabric store, you can find a ton of great kid-friendly fabrics that will accommodate your children’s interests. If you don’t have a fabric store nearby, look for some great fabrics online, many at discount prices. Since this will be a playroom, you want durable fabric that cleans easily, but you don’t want to pay a fortune. Often times, you can find discount fabric easily enough that will work well. As a general rule, pick your fabrics before you pick the paint color. It’s much easier to match paint to fabric than it is to match fabric to paint. Also keep in mind that themes come and go quickly, so if possible, pick patterns and colors that will grow with the child.

Storage, storage, storage!

Kids tend to come with a lot of toys, so unless you want the floors constantly covered, then storage is important. To maximize your space, go for vertical storage like floor to ceiling shelving and store toys in colorful baskets. If you don’t have a separate playroom and need to make room for play in the bedroom, try switching to bunk beds if possible to add space and then incorporate something like shelves, and armoire, or a window bench.

Stop by to see us on Burnet road in Austin, at Interior Fabrics to select great discount designer fabrics to start your fun, fabulous playroom!


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