The Benefits of Custom Bedding

Metairie The Benefits of Custom Bedding New Orleans

Why Choose Custom Bedding?

When it comes to bedding, there are a ton of options: bed-in-a-bag, comforters, quilts, and more. Even with the abundance of choices, it can be a challenge to find something that completely matches your personality and decorating style. One option that you may not have considered is having custom bedding made. Having bedding customized to fit your bed is a great way to go from ordinary to extraordinary.

Your bed gets the perfect fit

Beds and mattresses have their own dimensions and sometimes finding linens that fit well isn’t as easy as you’d like. Have you ever purchased one brand of sheets that fit and then purchased another brand that doesn’t? Believe it or not, this is a pretty common occurrence, and a very frustrating one at that. When you invest in custom bedding however, you are able to avoid this dilemma altogether and be confident that you’ll have a perfect fit each time you make your bed.

You can coordinate the way you want to

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide variety of bedding out there, but that doesn’t mean what’s out there is right for you. Often times, the pattern doesn’t work, the colors don’t match, or the selections available to you are just down right boring. With custom bedding, you get to choose your own fabric for everything all the way down to the sheets and pillows. This means you get the patterns and textures you love, as well as the colors that will work with the rest of your design style.

You get a quality product that’s one of a kind

From the stitching to the fill weight, a custom made product is going to be better quality than a mass-produced one. A quality product means that you’ll get to enjoy it more, because it’ll last longer. You’ll also be getting a product that’s one of a kind, which means that it’ll reflect your personality to the fullest.

Let us supply you with the perfect bedding

Fabric Resource has a wide selection of beautiful fabrics that can build the perfect custom bedding set. From multi-purpose, to lightweight, and everything in between, we have what you need to match your room’s décor. Come in to browse our selections and speak with an associate that can help narrow down the best choices. You can also browse our fabrics, which include our new HGTV HOME fabrics, online by clicking here.

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Secrets to Sexy Bedroom Decor

Houston Secrets to Sexy Bedroom Decor

Designing for a Sexy Inviting Bedroom

The bedroom is the one room in the house you and your significant other spend the most time together in. So why not make it a prime space for sleeping, relaxing, snuggling and everything else? Here are some simple tips to designing a sexy bedroom.

Use Flattering Colors

To set the mood in a bedroom, don’t be afraid to add drama. For a dramatic punch, paint the walls a rich color, and keep everything else light and neutral. Wall colors that flatter the body are hues of gray, lavender, rose and blue. Other rich colors that work well are chocolate brown and deep shades of red. If you prefer a textured look, there is a wide variety of wallpaper out there that can spice up the bedroom.

Drape Your Bed in Luxury

Luxurious bedding is an absolute must. High thread counts ranging from 450 to 650 make for an exquisite experience in terms of bedding. With that said, softness tops off at 500, so any thread count higher than that just really isn’t worth investing in. While you can go with something like satin, something like crisp white sheets (especially linen ones) can be just as sexy. Add a fluffy down duvet or a soft quilt to top it off, add a throw to the foot of the bed, and don’t go overboard with decorative pillows.

Add Flooring that Pampers the Feet

Wall-to-wall carpeting is the ideal way to provide comfort for your feet. However, if you have hardwood floors and don’t want to replace them, consider adding a faux fur rug or even a rug made from 100% wool.

Go for Soft Lighting

Lighting has so much effect in regards to setting a certain mood, so if you want a sensuous atmosphere go for soft lighting. If you can, avoid having lighting over the bed, but if you can’t, try installing a dimmer. Use a mix of light sources including lamps, sconces, or even a chandelier or pendant light over a seating area.

Dress the Windows

Any sexy bedroom needs privacy, so ceiling to floor drapes are the way to go. Not only do they block the outside world when you want alone time, they elongate the room and make the ceilings seem taller. Other window treatments that can soothe are wooden blinds, sheers and even roman shades.

Additional Tips:

  • Ditch the television. Really, just do it. Having a TV in the room will end up being a distraction that keeps you from focusing time on each other.
  • Bring a little hotel suite style into the room by incorporating a comfortable seating area in an available corner of the room, or by adding an upholstered headboard or bench to complete the bed.
  • Come to see us at Interior Fabrics Houston to see the newest discount fabric arrivals. We are located at 3104 Fondren Rd. Houston, TX, open Monday – Saturday!


Decorating a Stylish Man Cave

How to Decorate a Man Cave with Style:

When a woman hears the words “man cave,” the mind tends to wander to thoughts of dark, smelly rooms, somewhat characteristic of a dungeon. That doesn’t have to be the case. A man cave is simply a place where a man can pursue his interests, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dreary little hole that never sees the light of day. Today, man caves are becoming trendy, and when designed correctly, they can even be a space a woman can tolerate – possibly even enjoy. Here are seven tips on how to decorate the perfect man cave.

Tip #1: Keep the décor simple

When designing and decorating a man cave, go in with a minimalist approach. Consider what the space will be used for and stay focused on the basics, which generally include furniture, television, shelving, and a little bit of artwork. Save the clutter for another space.

Tip #2: Choose an earthy color palette

Skip the pastels and other feminine colors, focusing solely on solid, darker colors. Think reds, browns, greens, grays and blues since these are colors guys tend to gravitate towards.

Tip #3: Focus on comfortable and quality furniture

Men like to stretch out, so look for large comfortable couches and easy chairs. Not too many guys need or want end tables, but a sturdy coffee table can come in handy. Storage is important, so be sure to incorporate cabinets or shelving. When possible, go with quality pieces that are built to last. Don’t overlook antiques and vintages pieces, as they can be upcycled into something perfect for the space.

Tip #4: Purchase manly fabrics

Lean towards durable fabrics that are durable and able to conceal dirt, such as leather, suede, denim, tweed, corduroy or microfiber. In regards to patterns, avoid florals and stick with more masculine patterns like plaids, checks, stripes and geometrics. If you already have furniture that will work in the space, consider reupholstering it.

Tip #5: Design around the gadgets

In most cases, your guy’s man cave will have a flat-screen TV and home theater sound system. Since these will be the focal points, design around them rather than the other way around. High-tech gadgets have lots of wires, so make sure the room as plenty of outlets to accommodate. To keep a clean look, focus on custom entertainment centers that will keep wires concealed.

Tip #6: Have a space for fun

What does your man like to do? Does he like to play pool or table hockey? What about darts or video games? If so, make sure you leave a little extra space for the necessary items. If your guy prefers chess or board games, then make sure there’s an all-around game table available.

Tip #7: Make it personal

It’s important to make the room personal. If he has a collection, display it in a lighted cabinet. If he’s into sports, hang a jersey on the wall. Does he like to travel or love music? Think about framing pieces of maps or album covers to use as artwork. Whatever he’s into, find a way to incorporate it into the room.

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Blending His and Her Decorating Styles

Blending His and Her Decorating Styles Arlington

Does the décor of your home match both yours and your spouse’s style? In all honesty, it doesn’t matter if you’re a newlywed couple or a pair that’s been married for years, there comes a time when his-and-her styles come head to head. Finding the balance and blending the styles can be challenging, but it can be done if you’re both willing to compromise. Furthermore, when it’s brought together effectively, it can be very rewarding. Here are some tips on how to make the modifications needed in order to make both of you happy.

Tip #1: Evaluate the things you already have.

This is an important step so take the time to do it. At this stage, it’s the needs, not the wants, which should be the focus. Make a list of necessities and let the wants fall into place later. For couples that have been married a while, evaluating what you have acquired over the years is a good way to see what needs to stay and what needs to go.

Tip #2: Look for similarities.

Start with something simple like colors you both enjoy and build on it. After colors you can move onto something like fabric patterns and textures. Keep in mind that there’s no reason to focus on matching everything. Just because he likes stripes and you like florals doesn’t mean that both options are off the table. There are plenty of ways that you can create a harmonious blend of both. A good rule of thumb is to page through magazines or watch design shows together for inspiration.

Tip #3: Shop together. 

As mentioned earlier, paging through magazines and watching design shows is a great way to get inspiration, however when it comes to purchasing, there’s nothing quite like walking through a showroom floor. Being able to touch and see pieces in person makes all the difference. Surprisingly, there may be more things you both like and can agree on. The same goes for fabric choices. Take an afternoon to scout out a fabric store in the area. You’ll be amazed at how well certain fabrics mix together. Out of respect, refrain from making large purchases without your spouse’s input.

Tip #4: Be patient.

Just like any good relationship, the individual stance on design styles must evolve and grow. Don’t discount each other’s feelings toward a personal possession and don’t push to have it tossed out. Keep it light and stay relaxed so the process remains fun rather than stressful.

Following these tips should at least get you started in the right direction. Keep in mind that the perfect space won’t happen overnight, but in time, it will happen.


Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows Plano TX

Bay windows can be a great addition to any space. However, because of their shape and size, they can sometimes be hard to dress, causing even the best home decorator to stop in his or her tracks. Although challenging, and sometimes overwhelming, it’s not impossible to find the right window treatment for your bay window.

Before you rush out to buy window treatments, there are some things you need to take into consideration:

  • How many facets need treating? The most common bay windows have three facets, but there are some that have five or more. You can find bay window curtain kits that can cover up to five facets, but if you have more, it might be a better solution to purchase treatments individually or even have them custom made.
  • What is your budget? If you’ve dressed other windows in your home, you are well aware of how fast the cost can go up when purchasing not just the fabric portion of the window treatment, but the hardware as well. Think about how you want your windows to look and then set aside the money over time if that what it takes.
  • Where are your windows located? Paying attention to which way your window faces and even the room it is in, will determine the degree of translucency (or lack there of) needed.
  • What is your home’s décor like? A bay window should be dressed in a way to make it a distinct part of the room, but it’s also important to make sure it compliments the décor that surrounds it. This will also help determine what fabric will be best in setting the mood (casual, dramatic, etc) for the space.

Having these things figured out beforehand, will help in your search for the perfect bay window covering.

Bay Window Treatment Ideas

Roman or roll-up shades: These types of shades are not only stylish, but functional as well. Shades frame the windows nicely and come in a variety of fabrics. This allows you to have a neat and clean look, as well as beautiful color and texture.

Valances: Valances do more than just make a room feel open and inviting. They are also an easy way to coordinate other elements of the room. For instance, you can tie the room together by having seat cushions or accent pillows in the same (or similar) color of your valances. If the window is in a room that requires privacy, you can always hang shades behind them, which can be lowered as needed.

Drapery panels: While it is acceptable to use a single layer of drapery panels, bay windows tend to look better with double layers. A layer of sheers allow for privacy, while the other fabric brings in the texture and color. When hanging panels, keep in mind that they are best when hung on the return walls of the bay window.

Window bench: If you have a bay window located in an area with enough room, a beautiful way to dress it up is by incorporating a window bench. The seating area is functional, while the cushion allows you to bring in pattern, color and texture.

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Decorate Your Home for Spring With Fabric

Decorate Your Home for Spring With Fabric The Woodlands

Getting Ready For Spring: Decorating

Spring is a time of renewal, which means it’s a great time to breathe new life into the décor of your home. Thankfully, there’s an easy and fun way to accomplish this: with fabric! Here are three creative ways to decorate your home for spring with the use of fabric.

Revamp a Fabric Lampshade

If you absolutely love a lamp base in your home, there’s no need to get rid of it just because the pattern on the shade is out of date. Instead, consider recovering the shade with new fabric. A drum shade opens up more options for fabric types, but there are still substantial selections for other shades as well. It doesn’t matter whether you go with a solid color, or a fresh new pattern, this is a great way to spruce up your living space.

Make Custom Pillows & Throws

You can never have too many accent pillows. Well, maybe you can, but having multiple pillows on hand for rotation through the seasons is always a good thing. The nice thing is that accent pillows are easy enough to make on your own if the store doesn’t carry what you want. Most fabric stores carry pillow forms as well as fabric, which makes your shopping experience easier.

To compliment things such as accent pillows and bedding, consider making a throw. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, so do whatever you feel comfortable with. The easiest way to make a throw is by using one large piece of fabric in the center and surrounding it with large blocks of contrasting patterns. Click here for instructions on how to stitch up an easy throw.

Design Fabric Panels

Fabric panels are such a nice way to dress up a space. They’re easy to make and can either be hung up or simply propped up against the wall. Fabric panels make a beautiful focal point in a living room and can even double as a headboard. To make them, take some spring-themed fabric and pull it taut over a few artists’ canvases. Consider making additional fabric panels that you can swap out as the seasons change.

Let Us Help With Your Fabric Selection

We recently partnered with HGTV HOME, which has allowed our fabric palette to expand. Click here for a peek at the new designs, many of which are perfect for spring in both pattern and color. You can also browse are other fabrics that will also work nicely for your spring home projects. While you’re at it, visit our homepage to enter in the HGTV Make it Mine Sweepstakes.


Easter Home Decorating Ideas

Scottsdale Fabric Store: Easter Home Decorating Ideas

With the spring season comes Easter, another time to get creative with your home decorating. Traditionally, pastels and bunnies are the trend, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate the holiday into your home. Here are four simple suggestions that will hopefully get those creative juices flowing before the holiday arrives.

Add Flair With a Wreath

Adding a wreath to your door, or even to a wall within the house, is an easy and fun way to decorate for the holiday. A wide variety of materials can be used to create your Easter wreath including, but not limited to, yarn, flowers, eggs, greenery, ribbon, fabric, branches, tissue paper, and of course artificial bunnies and chicks. For inspiration, check out websites like Pinterest.

Make Accents Out of Crepe Paper

Crepe paper can make really cute accents that will look great around the house. One idea is a basket full of crepe paper carrots. Another idea is making a crepe paper rose basket to fill with candy. If you’ll have kids around, hide little presents inside crepe paper surprise bunnies. These are just a few of the ways crepe paper can be used to make accents for your Easter celebration.

Design a Colorful Garland

Colorful garlands are just as easy, if not easier, to make than a decorative wreath. You can string up just about anything Easter related, and you’ve got yourself a garland. One design that will look great is the oh-so-popular colored egg garland. While this one is a little more extensive, it will be something amazing you can hang up year after year. If you are short on time however, there are more simple designs such as egg or bunny shapes cut from colorful paint samples or just simply stringing up plastic eggs or flowers.

Have Fun Decorating With Fabric

Fabric is a great way to incorporate holiday themes into the home. One way in which fabric can be used is by recovering your old throw pillows or creating new ones. Many fabric suppliers also carry pillow forms, which makes it easy to get exactly what you want. Another option is to create your own tablecloth, table runner or placemats. For something really cute and fun, click here to check out these simple framed paper Easter bunnies that’ll look great on your wall or mantle.

Come in to see us inside of SWITCH Consignment in Scottsdale, Az to pick out your favorite fabrics for your next project!



Fabric Trend: Florals

Flower Tower Turquoise HGTV Interior FabricsUrban Blossom Berry HGTV Interior Fabrics

There’s a positive effect of having flowers in the home, which is why many home design trends are incorporating floral décor this year. From small and dainty hints, to big and bold displays, florals will be showcased throughout many homes.

So Just How Do You Use Floral Fabric?

Color Study Glacier HGTV Interior Fabrics

Floral fabric can be used in many ways. Here’s a look at some ways you can incorporate a variety of florals into your home:

Accent Pillows:
Accent pillows are one of the easiest ways that you can bring color, pattern and texture into your home. The great thing is that most accent pillows are reasonably priced and are easy enough to make if you can’t find what you want in the store.Wall Coverings: Gone are the days where wallpaper is the only way to decorate the walls. Today, more and more homeowners are covering their walls in fabric. It’s easy to do, adds beautiful texture and pattern, and can be changed with less hassle.

Window Treatments: What’s a view without beautiful window treatments? From shades to valances to floor length drapes, window treatments are a great way to finish off the design of a room.

Lighting: Finding the perfect lampshade can be a challenge sometimes, but by picking out some floral fabric you love, you can transform shades on hanging lights as well as table lamps. It’s an easy DIY project and will look great.

Julian Turquoise HGTV Interior Fabrics

Bedroom Items: While bedding can be a very easy way to bring this year’s brilliant floral patterns in, another way is by upholstering a headboard. A beautifully upholstered headboard can make a huge statement in a bedroom. Some fabric suppliers also carry custom furniture pieces such as headboards, making your shopping trip even easier.

Furniture: What better way to add floral patterns to your home than by upholstering a sofa or chair? If big pieces seem too risky for you, consider recovering pieces like ottomans or dining room chair cushions. Don’t forget about your outdoor furniture either. Recovering your patio sets are easy to do on your own and can really transform your outdoor entertaining area.

Interior Fabrics has recently partnered with HGTV HOME, which means even more fabrics are available to you. Our new HGTV floral fabrics can be viewed here. Browse online or stop into one of our stores to see what other fabrics can be mixed to make the most of your floral patterns. Before you leave our website, check out our homepage to enter the HGTV Make it Mine Sweepstakes. The winnings include $50,000 in cash and prizes, as well as a personal consultation with HGTV designer Meg Caswell.

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What’s Hot: Chevron Patterns

Chevron Citrine-HGTV, Interior Fabrics Houston 

The year 2013 will be no stranger to patterned fabrics, but if you want unique, go with chevron. Although a bold pattern, chevron can work in any home. There are a variety of colors available, which makes it possible to evoke a variety of moods within your space. But what is chevron exactly and how can it be used? Let’s take a look.

What is Chevron?

Chevron is essentially a continuous, inverted V-shaped pattern. This pattern occurred in early art including designs on pottery and rock carvings. Today, it has made its way into home design and is rapidly increasing in popularity.

How to Use It

The chevron pattern can be used in a variety of ways within your home. Don’t feel limited to one option and don’t feel pressured to use them all. Chevron isn’t necessarily for everyone, but if you want to give it a try, start small. Here’s a look at some ways it can be use in your home décor.


It doesn’t matter whether you create the chevron pattern out of wood or tile, it can make any floor look amazing. In regards to flooring, color is key, so pay attention to how much impact you want to make and choose a color that will get the job done.

Walls & Ceilings

Chevron tiles look great in showers and make beautiful backsplashes. The pattern can also be put on walls and ceilings with paint or wallpaper to create drama. Something such as this however, would work best with a contemporary style home.


This pattern has become so popular, that it’s being painted on furniture pieces such as dressers and armoires. Scattering pieces such as these throughout your home is a great way to get the look without feeling too saturated in it. If you’re feeling adventurous however, consider reupholstering a chair or sofa is a beautiful chevron fabric.


For something less dramatic, look for chevron accents or create your own. Items such as lamp bases or shades, ceiling fan blades, bedding, throw pillows, and window treatments, are all ways that you can incorporate this lovely pattern into your home.

Since this pattern has become so popular, many fabric stores carry it. Buying fabric directly from a supplier is a great way to get exactly what you want. More importantly, you can browse other fabrics that will compliment it.

Fabric Resource recently partnered with HGTV HOME, which has allowed us to add new fabrics to our line. We now carry a beautiful HGTV Chevron Chic pattern in six colors: citrine, glacier, harvest, onyx, papaya and quartz. The fabrics are woven stitch, medium weight, and on special for 20% off. Click here to browse.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to enter the HGTV HOME Make it Mine Sweepstakes, for a chance at winning $50,000 in cash and prizes, including a personal consultation with HGTV designer Meg Caswell. The link to enter can be found on our homepage.

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Decorating With Rugs

Decorating with Rugs Dallas

One of the easiest ways to update and beautify any room in your home is by adding a wool area rug. The right rug can do many things for a home: it can provide color, it can serve as a focal point, it can protect delicate floors, and it can add warmth to the space. Wool rugs are completely natural, easy to clean and are less likely to collect allergens like carpet, which can be ideal for a busy home. Even with all these great benefits, one of the best reasons to invest in a wool area rug is because it will tie together all the elements within a room’s décor. Continue reading to learn more about what you need to know in regards to decorating with wool rugs.


A good, quality area rug is an investment, so if you have to do without, until you can save up the money, then do it. As a general rule, an area rug should be in the range of what a new sofa would cost. To be safe, tack on an additional 10% to have some extra flexibility.

In addition to the rug itself, using a quality rug pad underneath is important as well. A rug pad not only increases the life of the rug, it also keeps it from slipping, which promotes safety and makes it easier to vacuum. Taking the time to save up enough for a quality rug will definitely be worth it in the long run.

Where to Use Them

Decorating with wool rugs doesn’t mean that you are restricted to the living room or bedroom floor. Rugs look great under dining room tables, and make beautiful tapestry for your walls, especially in homes with wall-to-wall carpeting. If you have old rugs that need to be replaced, consider cleaning it well and then cutting it up to use the fabric for other projects such as placemats or throw pillows.

How to Shop

The best place to begin is by looking through magazines and surfing the Internet for the latest colors and trends. After that, you should visit a reputable rug dealer to view their selection. Be sure to sort through a wide variety before you make that final decision. It’s best to stay away from department stores and even those ‘going out of business’ sales, which tend to involve an unnecessary middleman.

When you do head to the rug dealer, take a few paint chips similar to your home’s décor with you, so you can narrow down what would look best in your space. Speak one-on-one with an associate, such as one from Fabric Resource, to explain what you’d like. Dealing in person can definitely help you in regards to decorating with wool rugs.

Come in to Cutting Corners in Dallas to find the best discount designer fabrics,  featured on HGTV, to coordinate with your new wool rug!

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