Window Treatment Trends worth Embracing

Windows are inevitably the focal point that will set the tone and structure of your decorating plan, so it’s important to take how you’ll accessorize them into consideration. Here are some window treatment trends, both timeless and new, that can help guide your decisions when making purchases.

window treatment trends worth embracing

  1. Neutrals. If you just don’t know what to choose, remember that you can’t go wrong with neutral-colored window treatments. Neutrals are timeless, complimenting any home’s design. Keep in mind that neutral doesn’t have to be limited to tan, white or off-white. Many window treatment styles come in a variety of neutral color tones, and are offered in a variety of fabrics, both plain and textured, making them look bravo, rather than bland.
  1. Sheers. Transparent sheers do double duty, providing a hint of privacy, while letting the sun in. Where opaque fabrics can close a room in, sheers open them up. Sitting and dining rooms, as well as home offices, are often ideal places to hang sheers.
  1. Layering. Layering your window treatments is a wonderful way to add extra drama and detail. When it comes to layering, there are different ways it can be done: sheers with opaques, sheers with sheers, drapes with roman shades and blackout shades with sheer shades, are a small handful of options to try. When layering, it’s always best to stick with complimentary, rather than contrasting colors to give it a cohesive look.
  1. Minimalism. On the flip side of layering, you have the minimalist approach, which is to under-treat the window. Start with something understated like a shade and then add on if needed. Depending on the style of the room, less can be more.
  1. Patterns and bold, rich colors. Patterns can be intimidating, but once you take the plunge, they can be amazing for your space. Two trending patterns that don’t seem to be going anywhere for a while are geometrics and large-scale florals. If neither of those fit your style, opt for something like a timeless stripe instead. Feeling bold? Go for a whimsical motif. When it comes to color, bold, rich colors work really well in rooms that have a good amount or wood furniture or furniture covered in neutral fabrics.
  1. Creative hardware. Swags and valances are being ousted by creative hardware. Rods, finials and tie-backs made of materials such as wood, glass, ceramic and metal are taking center stage, giving windows a fresh, new look. But those aren’t your only options. Things like branches, fishing rods, hockey sticks, and rods wrapped in ribbons are other creative ways to finish off the look.

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Freshen Up Your Outdoor Seating (By Yourself)

The warmer weather has finally arrived and is here to stay, which means it’s time to brush the dirt off the outdoor seating. If you’ve owned your outdoor furniture for a while, it’s likely that it’s in need of some attention. This doesn’t mean that you have to replace it though. If it’s a quality set, all you might really need to do is reupholster it. To ensure your reupholstered pieces will last however, it’s important that you specifically select indoor/outdoor fabric, which can be found at most, if not all, fabric stores. Once you have your favorite color or pattern picked out, you’re ready to start your project.

outdoor upholstery fabric store

What you’ll need: Fabric, padding material, thread, needles, staple gun, pencil, utility knife, needle nose pliers, scissors and fabric glue (optional).

Step #1: Strip it down to the frame. Set cushions and pillows aside before you start removing the old fabric. Cutting carefully with the utility knife, pop the stitching along the seams, preserving the old fabric to the best of your ability (doing so will make it easier when it comes time to measure the new fabric).  Keep the needle nose pliers handy to tackle any staples you come across.

Step #2: Remove any old padding and stuffing. Over time, the padding and stuffing inside seating cushions can become flat, which is something you don’t want to have with new fabric. Just like with the old fabric, try to leave the old padding intact so measuring the new padding will be easier.

Step #3: Measure the old fabric and transfer onto the new. Separate the old fabric that has been removed, laying out each individual piece so it can be measured accurately. Once you have your measurements, transfer them onto the fabric, one section at a time. Cut pieces as you go, laying them out according to their order of installation, to avoid confusion when it’s time to sew. Measure and cut the new padding and stuffing pieces as well. Lay them out in their proper position on the furniture so they are ready to be attached to new fabric panels.

Step #4: Sew it together. It’s best to start with the largest panels first. In most cases, those will be the middle and back sections of the furniture. Once those are done, you can move onto attaching and sewing the smaller panels. If the large panels have been sewn to fit properly, then the small ones should fit as well. Don’t forget to finish up all of your fabric cushions during this step.

Step #5:  Reinstall the cushions. Once the cushions are reupholstered, you can replace them on the furniture.

It might seem like a lot of work, but the savings you’ll get by not having to replace the entire set will be worth it. Furthermore, doing the work yourself will allow you to have your outdoor seating looking exactly as you want.

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Home Decorating Trends Worth Skipping

We all know that trends come and go. Many are worth the plunge, but let’s face it, there are plenty that we’re much better off without (wood paneling, pastel pink toilets, or avocado cabinets anyone?). And while each year we hear about what’s hot, we don’t necessarily hear about what’s not. Here we’ll take a look at four trends that are either on their way out or heading that way quickly.

Home Decorating Trends worth Skipping

1)   Black chalkboard paint. The theory behind it had good intentions, but in all reality, it’s not quite what it was, well, chalked up to be. What is worth considering is chalkboard pain in unexpected colors. Save the black for a small piece of wall in a child’s room.

2)   Inspirational sayings and obvious signage. Sayings such as “Keep Calm and Carry On” are nice, but sooner or later (most likely sooner) this too shall pass. Obvious signage refers to something like words such as ‘eat’ in a kitchen or ‘sleep’ in a bedroom.

3)   Hotel chic. Hotels are great for a getaway but think hard before you try to mimic that look in your home. Hotel rooms often reflect minimalism and uniformity. It’s okay to add some ultra-unique pieces to your space to get that hotel chic look but be sure to add some of your personality into it too.

4)   Accent walls. Gone are the days of stark white walls being the norm. Today, color is in, so there’s no need to be limited to painting or papering a single wall. What used to break up monotony, now just breaks up the flow of the space entirely. Stick with focusing on all the walls in the room, not just one.

Choose Wisely

One of the best ways to keep your home current is to avoid as many of the mainstream trends as possible. Jumping on the bandwagon can often leave us with an out of date home, usually within five to ten years. If something is “really hot” right now, chances are it won’t last very long, so really think about why it appeals to you.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid all trends. Instead of making large commitments however, find the ones that really speak to you and honor them in smaller, unexpected ways. Not only will you get a fresh look now, it’ll be an easy update when the next popular thing comes along.

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Budget Friendly Kitchen Updates

Kitchen updates, especially remodels, are probably the most expensive out of any other updates to the house. Having a budget however, means you have to try to make the biggest impact for the lowest price possible. If you’re looking to update on a dime, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some budget friendly kitchen updates that will allow you to refresh the space without leaving a huge hole in your wallet.


  1. Hang artwork or show off collectables. What better way to add personal style than to show off artwork and collectables you love? Artwork, whether made by hand or bought at the store, is a great way to add color and personality to the space. When it comes to collectables, create some over-the-window or wall shelving to display things like decorative bowls or bottles. Not only will it look great, it will give you some extra cabinet space.
  1. Freshen up cabinets. If your cabinets still have strong bones, there’s no reason to replace them. Instead, give them a facelift with some paint or new hardware (or both). You could even give your space an open look by removing the doors off of the upper cabinets.
  1. Swap out your lighting. There are so many stylish options in the lighting department, finding that perfect new focal point is easy. And while there are some stunning fixtures that reach well into the thousands, there are just as many beautiful ones that are much more affordable.
  1. Add a backsplash. A backsplash is a nice touch and something that’s easy enough to do on your own.
  1. Bring in fabric. Fabric is a cure-all for so many things, including a kitchen. Pick out fabrics you love and bring them into the space by decking the windows with Roman shades or café curtains, or reupholstering seat cushions.
  1. Paint the walls. A coat of paint is a simple update that doesn’t require much time or money. You’d be amazed at how much of a change a new color on the walls can make.
  1. Repurpose something. Hit your local thrift stores or garage sales to see what can be given new life and find a purpose for it in your kitchen.
  1. Limit yourself to one splurge. Sometimes there’s something we just can’t seem to live without. If you have to have that marble countertop or that stainless fridge, limit yourself to one splurge and cut costs in the other areas.

Remember, you don’t have to invest in a huge remodel to update your kitchen. Stick with these inexpensive fixes and enjoy your new space. 

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Decorating With Stripes

Stripes, whether used traditional way or an unconventional one, promote visual order to a room. Not only do they direct the eye naturally, they can help reshape a space. Furthermore, being that they are the most neutral pattern out there, stripes mix beautiful with solids and other patterns, making them extremely easy to incorporate anywhere in your home.

Vertical vs. Horizontal

Traditionally, vertical stripes have been the most common form of use. This is probably because they create an illusion of height, making low ceilings feel higher. When it comes to the look you’re going for, muted tone-on-tone colors give the space a classic look, while more contrast makes the space look bold and powerful.

Horizontal stripes are a bit more modern and edgy than vertical stripes. When used in varied colors and widths, these stripes can be playful, creating a fun and fresh atmosphere. Additionally, if you need to make a room feel longer, cozier, or appear to have more definition, then horizontal stripes are the way to go.

Where to Use Them

Since stripes are so versatile, they can be used just about anywhere and everywhere. Here’s a list to get you started:

  • Photo frames and artwork
  • Bedding
  • Shower curtains
  • Bench or chair cushions
  • Couch slipcover
  • Accent chair
  • Ottoman
  • Bar stools
  • Dishes
  • Window treatments
  • Table linens
  • Towels
  • Dresser drawers (horizontal only)
  • Accessories like throw pillows, vases, coasters, lampshades and rugs

Some don’ts to consider:

  • Don’t overdo striped pillows when using striped bedding
  • Don’t use neon colored stripes on furniture
  • Don’t use more than two or three complimentary colors
  • Don’t do a striped floor (stick with a rug)
  • Don’t paint stripes on shutters or front doors
  • Don’t paint fan blades
  • Don’t use stripes on everyday glassware or silverware/

Additional Tips and Tricks

1)   Pick colors that contrast or compliment, rather than colors that clash. Colors that clash will cause disconnect and confusion.

2)   Use strong, contrasting stripes in unexpected areas like powder rooms and closets.

3)   The size of the stripes should match the room. Stick with thinner stripes for smaller rooms and wider stripes for larger rooms.

4)   Make the space look cohesive by blending a solid and a floral with your stripes. A solid, paired with a large stripe, a narrow stripe and a paisley, is a good example of a balanced palette.

5)   Start small until you’re ready to commit to something bigger.

As mentioned earlier, stripes are considered the “neutral” of the pattern world, so they are very easy to incorporate into your home. If you aren’t sure where to begin, stripes are a safe bet.

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Add Style to Your Vignettes with Decorative Fabric

Vignette Design With Fabric

(Image from

Vignette (vin-yet): any small, pleasing picture or view (

You’ve probably heard the term ‘vignette’ before but possibly not in regards to interior decorating. The word does have a few different meanings, but the one above is closest to describing those beautiful groupings of accessories found on flat surfaces throughout homes. Accessories can include items such as vases, plants, photos, mirrors, or any other personal belongings that would be attractive to the eye when arranged artfully. If you have any unoccupied flat surfaces and accessories worth displaying, you’re ready to create a vignette. Before you get started however, take a look at these guidelines that will help you make it just right.

  1. Stick with themes. It’s important that your objects go together. You want to create a theme within the vignette but you should also make sure that theme meshes well with the bigger theme and style of the room. Symmetrical designs (i.e. a pyramid shape) work better in formal rooms, while asymmetrical designs (i.e. a checkmark shape) are best for casual spaces.
  2. Vary texture and height. Don’t be afraid to mix shiny and muted objects or metals and woods. Doing so will create some visually appealing textures. When it comes to height, use small pedestals to elevate items and create platforms for smaller items by stacking up books or something similar.
  3. Stick with odd numbers. For maximum impact, display your objects in odd numbers, not even. Groups of three or five are much more visually appealing than groupings of two or four.
  4. Create depth. Instead of lining your objects up in a straight line, create depth by layering items in front of one another.
  5. Pay attention to color. A vignette is a great place to introduce a small, unexpected pop of color. Keep the majority of the vignette in colors that match the dominant color of the room and then add something like silk flowers, artificial fruit or another small item in a fun color.
  6. Use lighted areas. A vignette can get lost if it’s set up in a dark area. Be sure to arrange your objects around a lamp or on a flat surface that’s near a window.

Magazines and photos online are great ways to get ideas. There’s no need to duplicate, just use the photo as a guide and create arrange a beautiful in a way that reflects you. If you are wondering how fabric can dress up your decorative collection, has great examples and advice. There are several ways to really tie in your design with the whole room:

1. Drapes. Choose a fabric that accentuates your vignette design by including the colors, prints, or style. On the contrary, using your drapes to inspire your vignette will allow you to change the design up more quickly as you’d like.

2. Pillows. Situate your collection on an end table where you can coordinate your pillow fabric with your vignette style. Like the African Safari? Compliment your elephant, giraffe, and and zebra patterned box with a lion or cheetah print pillow!

3. Boxes or Frames. Cover a simple box with your favorite coordinating fabric to add an extra element to your vignette. Similarly, try framing some of your favorite fabric to hang adjacent to your collection.

There are plenty of ways to get creative in your home. Interior fabrics provide an easy, affordable way to change your home’s style quickly.

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More Great DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

We hope you enjoyed the first six creative DIY Mother’s Day ideas. Here we’ll wrap up and take a look at some more ways you can make your mom feel extra special.

More Great DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

7) Coasters

If your mom is always urging you to put your glass on a coaster, rather than the tabletop, then this is for you! If you’re going to protect the table, why not do it in a stylish way that matches mom’s home décor? Click here for a variety of creative coaster ideas. A great cheap idea for this, is to buy 4×4 bathroom or backsplash tile then cover in a great medium weight fabric. Use a glue gun to attach the fabric on the underside, being careful not to overlap.

8) Colorful and sparkly kitchen utensils

Whether your mom loves to cook or not, there’s nothing wrong with jazzed up kitchen utensils. Simply dip the handle halfway in some colorful paint and let dry. You could even spray adhesive on half of the handle and roll it in glitter. This can also be a fun projects for the tools of a mom who loves to garden!

9) Framed monogram art

Die cut (or hand cut) an oversized monogram, attach it to patterned fabric and frame it. For extra flair, add charms, ribbons, or tassles to the edge of the frame.

10) Jewelry

Jewelry is usually a hit, but there’s no rule saying it has to be expensive. In fact, there plenty of simple projects you can find online that are absolutely adorable. Some ones to consider are the birds nest necklace and the fingerprint pendant.

11) Chalkboard cheese tray

Is your mom the hostess with the mostest? If so, make her something she probably doesn’t have: chalkboard cheese trays. Here’s a simple tutorial that anyone can do.

12) Printables

If you have a computer and a printer, then there’s no reason to visit your mother empty-handed. You know your mom better than anyone, so go online and seek out one of the thousands of printables that are available. Some of the things you can find are poems (or other special sayings), bookmarks, cartoons, favor tags, door hangers and cards. For added flair, print out something Mom will love, then cut around the edges. Use this as a template on her favorite color of fabric and attach to a pillow with large loose threads (or hot glue gun) for a shabby chic look!

We hope we made your search for the perfect gift with these DIY Mother’s Day gift ideas! These twelve ideas barely scratch the surface so be sure to check out websites like Pinterest for other gift ideas that will suit your mom.

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Great DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 11), so it’s time to start thinking about how you can show appreciation for your mom. Instead of spending all day shopping for a special gift, why not make one? In this two-part blog post, we’ll cover some fun, easy and beautiful DIY gifts your mom is sure to love.

Great DIY Gifts for Mother’s Day Dallas

1) Mod podge photo flower pots

Personalizing a flower pot with pictures of the kids or grandkids is a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day. Simply paint a terra cotta flower pot (inside and out) in white (or another rcolor of your choosing) and mod podge 3×5 or wallet size black and white photos printed on paper to it. Once the pictures are glued down well, spray it with clear acrylic. For color, tie a bow around the top with decorative ribbon.

2) Fabric covered flower pots

While those patterned flower pots at the store are very pretty, they are often pretty expensive. Covering plain terra cotta pots with fabric and mod podge is another easy craft that can be positively stunning! There’s a great tutorial here.

3) Painted tote bags

If your mom is a fan of reusable bags for grocery shopping or simply for carrying items for days out at the park, then this project is for you. Jazz up some plain canvas bags paint and stud. Tip: Don’t forget the painter’s tape if you plan on making straight lines.

Another alternative to this craft would be to add iron-on transfers of your mom’s favorite people or travel spots.

4) Fabric toiletries bag

Whether your mom travels a lot or not, a fabric toiletries bag to store things like makeup, lotions and other beauty essentials will come in handy. You can get one of the many tutorials here.

5) Embroidery hoop clock

This is a great gift for the mom who loves a pop of color here and there throughout the house. Grab an embroidery hoop, a clock kit, and fabric in a pattern she’ll enjoy, and voila! You can always add buttons or other embellishments for additional flair. Check out this easy tutorial.

6) Sugar scrubs

For the mom who loves fun bath products: sugar scrubs. There are plenty of recipes out there online for making non-toxic scrubs that will leave skin feeling soft and supple. Two that might interest you are this lemon sugar scrub or this coconut sugar scrub.

That’s it for now. Be sure to come back for a few more creative DIY ideas for Mother’s Day!

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Adding Wall Art While on a Budget

The cost of wall art can add up quickly. Paintings are often quite expensive but even simpler pieces bought at a department store can be costly. This doesn’t mean that the walls of your home have to go bare. There are other ways to add eye-catching art to your walls without spending too much. In fact, you can save a lot of money by creating wall art yourself. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Fabric Wall Art Ideas

1)   Frame pieces of fabric or wallpaper. If you are an avid sewer, then it’s probably safe to say that you have excess fabric lying around. Believe it or not, fabric can make great wall art! Simply glue or adhere with spray adhesive (or double-sided tape) to the hard board back of the frame and hang it up. If you don’t have scraps that fit your décor, you can easily head to your local fabric supplier. Wallpaper is another thing you can frame if you prefer that over fabric. If you need a large piece of art, buy some canvas stretchers and make fabric wall panels. Browse our fabrics to see what you can turn into art.

2)   Visit the thrift store. Thrift and antique stores can carry all sorts of goodies for a fraction of the cost. It may take a while to sort through the inventory, but if you find a hidden gem, it’ll be worth the time and effort.

3)   Display decorative plates. Decorative plates don’t have to just sit on a shelf. When hung with disk hangers or wire plate hangers, they can create an eye-catching display on your wall.

4)   Get your children involved. If you have school-aged kids, they probably bring home creative projects from time to time. Instead trying to hang it all on the fridge or storing it away in boxes, pick your favorites, grab a frame and proudly display their artwork or craft.

5)   Focus on local, up-and-coming artists. The work of artists new on the scene may be a little out of reach, so look closer to home. Some colleges and art schools have local showings for the public. You could even visit galleries in your area to see if they feature up-and-coming artists. This is a great way to give support and find something at a price that’s much easier to swallow.

6)   Create a photo display. Have favorite family or travel photos? Use them to fill a blank space on your wall. Print your pictures and use a variety of sizes when it comes to frames. Hang them mosaic-style, giving space between each photo. Before hanging, trace the shapes of the frames onto something like cardboard, cut them out and then use those cutouts to get an idea of how you’d like them arranged on the wall.

Getting a Designer Look without a Designer

You might think you need an unlimited budget or the help of a designer to get a designer look in your home, but you don’t (at least not all the time). While some things will require a bigger budget, there are other ways to get a stylish space for less, just by following some simple tips and tricks of the trade.

Designer Fabric Katy Getting a Designer Look without a Designer

Think big

You add drama and designer style to a room simply by adding one large piece to it. Not only does a large piece draw the eye, it anchors the room and creates a bit of sophistication to the space. Adding something like an oversized armoire, chair or accessory should do the trick.

Create flow

Flow isn’t just something easy to achieve with an open floor plan. Believe it or not, creating flow from room to room, in an entire house, is easier than you might think. All you really need to do is find a color you love and use it in each room. It doesn’t matter if it’s used in a big way or a small way—simply having that color scattered throughout will lead the eye and create a sense of flow.

Mix styles

In this case, we’re referring to mixing high and low styles, rather than actual design styles. This means that not everything has to, or should, have a high price tag attached to it. Placing higher-cost items sparingly through the house will make those lower-priced items appear high-end even if they really aren’t.

Focus on texture

Texture creates interest and adds a whole other dimension to your home’s décor. If your home has natural elements, show them off! A natural element for example, would be something such as an exposed wall made of stone, brick or wood. It could even be a distinct type of flooring that came with the house. It may need a little facelift, but something unique like this tells a lot about the history of the home and is worth keeping part of the design.

Add interesting, unique accents and finishes

Interesting and unique pieces aren’t usually those that are mass produced for generic stores. Ethnic pieces are always conversation starters, whether you or someone else did the traveling. Books are also nice decorating touches. Instead of keeping them tucked up on a shelf add them to tabletops or window sills for texture and color. Hit up flea markets or antique stores for great bargains on other unique pieces to complete the room. When it comes to finishes lean toward something organic. Bamboo flooring or sisal rugs are good examples.

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