Decorating for the Seasons: The Fall Factor

Pumpkin spice lattes, colorful leaves, leather boots and warm apple pie are just a handful of things that make me think of fall. Did you know that there are also certain factors that represent the season when it comes to home decorating? Let’s take a look at what some of those are.

Decorating for the Seasons The Fall Factor Plano

Fall Factor: Cozy Pillows and Throws

Pillows and throws are a super easy way to bring in color and comfort to a space. To really warm the place up, toss them onto any and all seating areas in your home. Your home will be oozing with so much comfort it’ll be hard to resist sitting down and snuggling up.

Fall Factor: Branches and Leaves

Step outside and you’ll see that natural elements are available at our fingertips. When the leaves start changing colors, grab your shears and snip off some branches. Fill a vase with them and enjoy. Want something for the wall? Find various leaves, press them and then display them in frames.

Fall Factor: Essential Hues

Colors of fall—brown, red, orange and gold—are essential if you want the space to look and feel seasonal. Go for rich colors in unexpected spaces and pull in white or soft cream so it doesn’t look overbearing. Another popular alternative to traditional fall colors are jewel tones, such as deeper shades of green, purple, blue and red.

Fall Factor: Fireplaces

As temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to bring focus back to indoor living and entertaining. Make the fireplace the focal point of the room by positioning your furniture toward it. It doesn’t get much more enjoyable that gathering with loved ones around a crackling fire. Don’t have a fireplace, consider purchasing an electric one. They aren’t as effective as a built-in fireplace, but they can still take the chill out of a room.

Fall Factor: Layered Rugs

Rugs complete a room, but layering them takes it a bit farther. Try layering a small earthy rug on top of a larger plain rug and see what a difference it makes. The doubling up underfoot not only adds an extra layer of comfort, it adds extra style for fall.

Fall Factor: Reclaimed Wood

Some exposed wood throughout the space can really make your home have that autumn feel. It doesn’t really matter how you use it, reclaimed wood, paired with seasonal colors, will reflect the beauty of fall with ease.

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Decorating Trends Making a Comeback

Contrary to popular belief, not all good things have to come to an end—at least not when it comes to decorating trends. Here we’ll take a look at 5 classic and creative design elements that are back and stronger than ever.

Decorating Trends Making a Comeback Keller

  1. Brass. A once popular finish in the 70s and 80s, brass is back in full swing and better than ever. Today’s brass is softer and antiqued looking—a much different look than the former shiny version we remember. Instead of bronze, nickel or chrome on your faucets, frames and fixtures, consider brass.
  1. Wallpaper. Paint on the walls is great, but if you want some visual interest, opt for wallpaper. Wallpaper has come a long way and there is a wide variety of options to choose from, including geometric patterns, updated florals and bold color blocking. Whether you surround yourself in it, or simply focus on a feature wall, wallpaper is a simple and trendy way to update the look of your home.
  1. Midcentury design. That style of simple silhouettes, clean lines and starburst detailing has come full circle (thanks, Mad Men) and looks hotter than ever. Looking to acquire pieces to fit this design style? Places like flea markets or thrift stores are great places to start, however many retails carry reproductions.
  1. Skirted tables. Skirted tables were extremely popular in the 90s, and while they may seem dated, they don’t have to be. Skirted tables are not just beautiful (when done right), they are functional as well. Have things to stack under a table? Hide the clutter with a skirt. To keep it looking fresh, skip the lace doily and top it off with a glass and something fun like a global-inspired scarf or a cut piece of a favored patterned fabric.
  1. Wood paneling. No, we’re not talking about the unappealing fake stuff that comes to mind, but rather real wood-lined walls. A single statement wall decked in wood can have a huge impact on the space, but don’t be afraid to put it on more if it suits your tastes. From pallets to gorgeous reclaimed and everything in between—wood can be rustic or chic, warm or whimsy—no matter what your home’s design style is.

Not all trends are for everyone, but if you’ve read about something you like, go for it. Whether you go big or go small, incorporate the trend in a way that makes you happy.

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Color Schemes Just Perfect for the Fall Season

Orange may be fall’s signature color, but that doesn’t mean you can’t branch out and do something different. In reality, there are several other colors that can work just as well when it comes to giving your home feeling like autumn has officially arrived. Let’s take a look at some fall-like color schemes that are just perfect for the fall season.

 Color Schemes Perfect Fall Season Houston Design

For a look that soothes, go with colors that have gray undertones. You’ll definitely have a soothing effect choosing colors that mimic golden pears, flaxseed and wheat.


For an earthy look, pick rich versions of colors from nature. Shades such as sienna and taupe are ideal for an earthy color scheme. Add some life to the palette by incorporating pops of red.


To suit a modern style, skip the pumpkin orange and opt for a rich wine color instead. Paired with soft gray and soft gold, wine red will give an updated fall look to your home.


You also have the options of cool and warm schemes. A cool and refined color scheme should contain fall hues that range from dark to light, with a color twist in between (i.e. a trio consisting of espresso brown, soft green and dusty gold). A warm and comfortable color scheme might resemble something like a pumpkin pie—deep pumpkin orange, a dash of nutmeg brown, and a sprinkle of gray for balance. The trio, when constructed, will look as delicious as it sounds.


Something else to remember is that there are standard colors that will never fail you. If you tend to struggle with mustering up a color palette on your own, take some of these into consideration:


  • Pumpkin orange paired with a soft buttercream
  • Neutral hues complimented by warm yellows
  • Slate blue blended with a light shade of purple
  • Red hues paired with a light brown such as khaki
  • Soft rose combined with a bold salmon or chocolate brown
  • Pale peach paired with citrus orange and topped with pops of lime green
  • Charcoal gray accompanied by teal blue and accented with white


As mentioned earlier, fall is so much more than pumpkin orange. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a classic, but there’s nothing wrong with expanding the palette to something a bit more personalized to you and your space either. Find a scheme that suits you and have fun getting your home ready for the season.

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Frills Interiors: Susan Christensen and Deborah Braid

“The home should be the treasure chest of living”Le Corbusier.  

For us, home is one of the most beautiful words ever created.  It encapsulates the feeling of love, warmth, safety and belonging.  As a mother and daughter design team it is our immense pleasure and honor to be invited into someones dwelling and given the opportunity to create their HOME.  There is no greater pleasure then to go to work everyday and be given the opportunity to share our talents in such a personal and enriching way. One of the oddest questions we get asked is “what is your design style.”  We don’t design to our style we design to our clients style.  We take great pride in getting to really know our clients and how they live.  We feel it our duty to deliver a home that is a direct reflection of their desires.  Our job is to make sure it is impeccably done and flawlessly executed.   Leaving behind a home that will grow with them and be a livable sanctuary.

frills-interiors-susan-christensen-deborah-braid HoustonSusan (my Mom) studied design and art in college and started her design career like most young designers by dabbling in every venue possible trying to figure out exactly what she was truly passionate for.  Her beginning projects were designing and fabricating fashion shows for the Ojai, California Junior League which soon lead to floral design, fashion design, event coordinating, interior design and finally owning her own company.  She is an accomplished seamstress, painter and cook, but most of all an incredible mother! She has worked for some of the greats here in Houston.  Cornelius Nurseries, Sunny Road, Christina’s, Calico Corners and Interior Arrangements.  All along gathering and perfecting her skills.  Her talents, knowledge and impeccable taste are unprecedented.  The knowledge she brings to our company is priceless and I am more than lucky to be her daughter and call her my inspiration! `~Deborah

Deborah (my daughter) came about becoming a designer in a more organic way.  She just knew she could so she did.  Deb is a true renaissance woman, which is good since she carries a degree in renaissance and british literature, studied Opera since the age of 10, paints, draws, sews, cooks, is talented in hair design and make-up and an accomplished writer.  In 2000 she joined me on my journey to freelance and we haven’t looked back.  Deb soon found her footing and passion in the building process. Last year she was given the ultimate designed opportunity and was commissioned to design the blue prints for a 7000sq foot ranch home.  It is truly an amazing and detailed design.  I am proud to say it is currently under construction.  Deborah’s vision, flair, and out of the box thinking makes me excited to work along side her and to call her my daughter! ~Susan

The most important mindset that we try to stress to our clients is timelessness.  Trend is fun but its a passing fancy and when you are investing in your home you need to think about longevity and not the immediate.  Interior Fabrics has always been on target through its offerings by having both trend and timeless selections in both fabric and furniture.  Therefore, while we strongly encourage our clients to make solid timeless choices in their longterm pieces we also love having fun with the trendy stuff!  We do this in the way of accessories, throw pillows and occasional seating. Things that are budget friendly to change when the trends loose popularity.   Our joke is that Susan is the voice of reason with her sturdy tweed sofa while Deborah is the fun throw pillow that makes the sofa come alive. One would be nothing without the other!

Another idea that we like to convey is the importance of color and how it effects a room or a feeling.  There is no greater area for this concept then in the selection of paint.  Paint color can make or break a room, a house, a mood, a budget!  With our backgrounds in art we are true believers in the faithful color wheel and strongly encourage everyone to buy one and learn how to use it.  Tone, undertones, light, and reflection all play their part in every color of the rainbow.  The use of color and how to implement it throughout your home is what separates you from the novice to the home with the designer touch! In most respects paint should be the back drop of your masterpiece.  It should compliment and enhance the tone and texture of your room.  The only time this rule is reversed is in modern minimalist design when a pop of strong color is the voice of the room.

Our final advice to anyone contemplating a redesign or remodel is to create a budget.  This needs to be done before you ever consider calling a designer or attempting to design on your own.  Even if you think the sky is the limit it’s not.  In the design world there is no limit to the cost of things and money can be spent rather quickly so to save you from over doing it or under doing it, have a budget in mind.  This also helps your designer guide you on how to spend your money in the best ways possible.  It is their job to deliver both function and design.   Budgets allow everyone to be on the same page and to make future plans so that your project is completed to not only your satisfaction, but also to your expectations.  A time budget also needs to be considered.  How long are you willing to give the designer to complete your project?  If a designer knows that your need to have your home ready for company by a particular date then they will work diligently to make that happen, but if no time allotment is ever discussed the designer may take their time completing your project.  Whether this be because they are over extended or just because they want to find the perfect elements for your home it is important to discuss prior to hiring them.  Both money and time budgets are important aspects of interior design and it is imperative to a successful and positive experience.

Designing in the Houston and the surrounding areas has been such a blessing.  Not just because of our steady economy, but because of Houston’s immense resources.  From the fabulous textiles at Interior Fabrics to the vast array of furniture, rugs, building supplies, and accessory havens, Houston is unsurpassed by most cities.  Not to mention our glorious art and antique districts.  Texas, especially Houston, is a cornucopia of design and we feel privileged to be right in the thick of it.  Lastly, we have one singular philosophy in our business, and that is Luke 6:38, “Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.” We know we are nothing without God and all our successes and talents are because he is at the center of our business.   It’s not the popular belief of today, but for us its enough.  If we don’t land that big account or we miss out on what we thought was a great opportunity we know its because it wasn’t his plan and in the same respect when we look over our 15 year old company and see how strong and successful it has become we can only be humbled by his grace on our lives!

Thank you for taking the time to read our two cents on interior design.  It is not only an honor but a pleasure to be asked to contribute to Interior Fabrics as they support of the local talent.  How humbling it is to be recognized by such a fantastic company.  We look forward to our future with this Interior Fabrics and if any of you would like to get in touch with us the adorable manager Lauren always knows how to find us!!!

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Reupholstering an Old Piece of Furniture

So, you’ve found yourself with an old piece of furniture and you’re wondering what to do with it. Simply put, you have three choices: clean it, reupholster it or replace it. But what should you do? In order to figure that out, you have to look at a couple of things: the first being the history of the piece, and the second, its condition.


When it comes to the history, ask yourself questions such as, “Where did it come from?”, “Where was it used?” and “Who was the previous owner?” As far as the condition goes, there are three main conditions that will automatically mean new upholstery: cigarette smoke, mold and bug infestation. If the piece was ever housed in an environment that exposed them to any of those three conditions, it is in your best interest to strip it bare and rebuild. If you see a lot of dollar signs, you might want to look for a replacement that will fit your budget a bit better.

If the piece passes both the history and conditions test, then your next decision is whether you just want to give it a deep cleaning or give it an update by reupholstering it with fabric that suits your personal style.

There is no guarantee that the piece will be cleaned to your satisfaction, but if it suits your space, then cleaning it should be one of the first options you consider. With that said, it’s unlikely that the fabric will suit your home’s décor, especially if it’s extremely dated. The cost of reupholstering will vary anywhere from $40 to $200+ for a yard of fabric, which means that a reupholstered piece can end up costing the same as something new. The only difference is that your old piece will have a much more solid frame than something that’s mass produced.

If you decide on reupholstering, you’ll need to pick out some fabric—and that requires figuring out how the piece will be used. Natural fibers like cotton, linen and silk look and feel great, but they aren’t the most durable or the easiest to clean. Those fabrics are best left for more formal spaces or lightly-used rooms. Synthetic fabrics, such as Ultrasuede and other microfibers, as well as leather, will stand up much better under heavy use. Keep in mind that reupholstering allows you to mix and match fabrics in a way you’ve never thought of, so take your time and have fun narrowing your choices down.

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Silk, a Fabric to Savor

In a nutshell, silk can be best described as elegant, natural and classic. According to Chinese legend, Empress His-Ling Shi was the first person to accidentally discover silk as a weavable fiber. While sipping tea under a mulberry tree, a cocoon fell into her cup and began to unravel. Her deep love of the shimmering threads fueled the beginning stages of silkworm cultivation, thus eventually changing the world with the formation of the Silk Road.

Silk a Fabric to Savor Scottsdale

History shows how desirable it was then, and it’s really no different now. But contrary to popular belief, this smooth and shimmery fabric doesn’t have to be limited to fancy spaces. In fact, you may be surprised at how versatile it can be!

So what are some characteristics of silk that make it such a hot commodity?

  • Silk is strong and resilient. Silk is known as the strongest natural fiber because of its high tensile strength. It also resists wrinkling and is surprisingly resilient to crushing.
  • Silk resists mold, mildew, moths and mites, which can be quite detrimental to furnishings.
  • Silk has a refined texture. Although it’s smooth, real silk isn’t slippery like many synthetic fabrics.
  • Silk provides lightweight insulation. Even though it’s a lightweight fabric, silk can help regulate your body temperature by keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Silk comes in a variety of colors. Silk can die very easily and retain color, making it suitable for any décor.

There are however, some disadvantages that come with this fabric. Silk is prone to sunlight damage, has low abrasion tolerability, can require high-maintenance cleaning, and can cost much more than other fabrics. This doesn’t mean silk should be avoided. It just means there should be thoughtful consideration about how and where it will be used.

You might be wondering the best ways to use silk. Let’s take a look at some ways you can incorporate this lovely fabric into your home:

  • On your windows. Silk makes gorgeous window treatments. If you want your windows to be dressed to impress, deck them out with some fine quality silk drapery.
  • On your furniture. Silk isn’t cut out for heavy use, but it’s great for dining room chair cushions or accent chairs or benches that receive light use. Don’t have places that get much light use? No worries! Opt for silk throw pillows as an accent instead.
  • On your walls. Silk upholstered walls are a new way to bring life to the space without relying on traditional wallpaper. If you happen to prefer wallpaper, you’re in luck! Silk wallpaper can be purchased and works well in traditional and contemporary spaces.

Visit us online or at one of our retail locations. Live in Arizona? Come see us at either of our two Mesa, Az area locations located inside of SWITCH Consignment to check out the latest designer upholstery fabrics available at amazing prices including faux leather and suede, cotton, and silks.

Tips for Perfecting a Dining Room Rug

Rugs are the perfect addition to a home, but in the dining room, getting a rug that’s just right can be tricky. In the dining room you have to think about crumbs and chairs getting hung up, so finding the right one often takes a bit more, though. Here are some tips for perfecting a dining room rug, so it brings the color, texture and warmth that you crave to the space.


  1. Aim for larger, rather than smaller. You don’t want a rug that overpowers the space, but you do want one that fits your dining area properly. If in doubt, err on the side of it being too big. A good rule of thumb to remember is that a dining room rug should have at least 24 inches of extra room on all sides of the dining table. Add the 24 inches for each side once you measure your dining table and then mark the floor with painter’s tape. If your markings fall well inside your other dining room pieces, consider going for an even larger rug.
  2. Go with a flat weave or short pile rug in easy-to-clean materials. Where there is food and drink, spills are inevitable, so go with something practical. Flat weave and short pile rugs in natural fibers such as cotton and wool are going to be the easiest to keep clean. Keep in mind, however, that natural fibers that are finer and smoother in texture will be easier to clean than nubby natural fiber rugs. The bottom line is that those fluffy rugs made of synthetic blends should be saved for the spaces where they will require less cleaning and maintenance.
  3. Match the rug to the shape of the room and the table. When you echo the shape of the room with your rug the space is more pleasing to the eye. A rectangular rug will look best in a rectangular room, but if the room is square, you can get away with a square or a round rug. In regards to matching the shape of your table, here are your main options: round table with a round or square rug, rectangular and oval tables with a rectangular rug, and square tables with square rugs (if you’re feeling playful however, opt for something round).
  4. Keep the entire space in mind. This is important if you have an open floor plan. Before you throw a rug under your dining table, look at all the spaces around it. If your floor plan is open, and you’ll be using more than one rug, then find something that will complement everything else in the surrounding space.

Pantone’s 2015 Fall Color Report is Down to Earth

Pantone, the color experts, recently released their predictions for fall’s hot colors. This year, you can expect earthy neutrals mixed with invigorating pastels. Pantone considers this the first truly unisex palette, making it ideal for feminine and masculine spaces.

According to Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

“This season displays an umbrella of accord that weaves earthy neutrals with a range of bold color statements and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, fun, fantasy and all things natural. The colors are evocative of a love for nature and a timeless appreciation for warmth and security, which are conveyed through naturally-inspired colors that remind us of things that are real and protective.”


Let’s take a look at what the top 10 colors are for fall 2015 and what the Pantone website has to say about them:

  1. Desert Sage: A cool and soothing greenish-gray; timeless and unobtrusive, yet powerful enough to make a statement on its own.
  2. Stormy Weather: Reminiscent of the sky on a gray, overcast day; dependable, cool and above all, constant. Implying a quality and luxury, it is a powerful blue-gray that is strong, protective and enduring.
  3. Oak Buff: A mellow, comforting and warming; the golden-yellow acts to nurture and comfort.
  4. Dried Herb: A sophisticated and chic; an organic shade redolent of nature’s earthy fragrances.
  5. Marsala: A winey red-brown that adds finesse and savoir-faire…rich and robust, it incorporates the warmth and richness.
  6. Biscay Bay: A lush and elegant teal; this cool and confident tone inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters, transporting us to a place that is pleasant and inviting.
  7. Cadmium Orange: A nod to the 60s and 70s that evokes a sentiment of optimism, fun, and fantasy. Playful and sophisticated in its appeal, it’s a warm, welcoming and subtly dramatic hue.
  8. Cashmere Rose: A play on the â60s with a twist of today, this luxurious color is a tactile and soft pink hue that renders exactly what it promises. Displays a gently persuasive and composed pink that is more upscale than downtown.â
  9. Reflecting Pond: A cooling blue that adds dimension and intrigue to the Top 10. A serious shade that speaks to the need for stability and security.
  10. Amethyst Orchid: An intriguing, vibrant and somewhat sensual, this enigmatic shade is an extraordinary hue that is unique, bold, creative and exciting.

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Five Steps For Turning a House into a Home

Moving into a new house can be an exciting time—but it doesn’t feel like much more than a structure until it begins to reflect the owners. In order to feel comfortable in a new space, you have to turn that house into a home. So just how do you do this? Let’s take a look at some simple additions you can give your house to turn it into a cozy space you’re proud to call home.



  1. Warm up the floors. You may not know how big of an impact flooring can have on a space. Cold and bare floors make a home look unfinished and sparse, so take time to warm it up. If you prefer carpet, make sure it makes your feet happy. If you have hardwood, tie the living areas together with plush rugs in colors that compliment your walls and furniture.
  1. Brighten with better lighting. Lighting allows you to determine how and where light works in your space. It also allows you to give the space a personal touch. Even if you’re in a rental property, you can change out an existing fixture to something more appealing. Hate that boring light hanging over the dining table? Change it out with a chandelier you love. If you aren’t able to change fixtures out easily, opt for lamps with some fun shades.
  1. Hang things on the wall. There’s no easier way to make a house feel homey then by hanging things on the wall. Take time to display prints or paintings, and definitely focus on putting some personal pictures in nice frames. Your place will feel much more lived in when you’re surrounded by these eye-catching details.
  1. Customize with color. Our favorite colors say a lot about who we are so what better place to put them then in our home? This doesn’t mean drench the entire house in your favorite shade. Instead, opt for a neutral base and add splashes of your favorite colors with items such as pillows, window treatments, chair cushions and accessories.
  1. Set out accessories. Adding personal touches will help you feel connected to your space in a big way. Just about anything from your past can be turned into a sentimental display piece. If nothing you have suits the space, you can turn to some random accessories that are a bit whimsical. Just make sure you go for something that reflects your personality.

If you are looking for designer fabrics near Sugar Land, we have just what you need! Come by our location in Houston where you ill find a wide selection of fresh and colorful outdoor fabric.

5 Tips For Decorating Well On Your Own 

Interior decorators are great, but they aren’t ideal for every family or everyday occasions. While certain circumstances do require a designer’s eye and a bigger budget, those circumstances don’t apply to every household. In reality, you can decorate your home, and do a beautiful job, without the aid of a professional, or at least during the in-between visits. Here are some simple tips and tricks of the trade that can help you decorate well all on your own.


Use high-priced items sparingly

You don’t have to have a lot of high-priced items to get a designer look. Balance is important, so mix up what you buy. Instead of filling the space with expensive pieces, opt for more items of a lower cost, and then add in the pricier pieces here and there. By doing this, you’re making those budget-friendly pieces look more expensive than they really are.

Use color to create flow

With so many beautiful colors out there, it can be a challenge to focus on just a handful of them. As you decorate, focus on one main color that you can use in each room. It doesn’t have to be in a big way either. Simply scattering that one color throughout each room will create a sense of flow.

Use texture to add visual interest

Texture adds a whole other dimension to a home’s décor, and can be incorporated in many ways. Maybe you have an existing natural element in your home such as a brick or wood wall. If that’s the case, show it off proudly. Weathered furniture and patterned fabric are two other great ways to bring texture into the home.

Use accessories for interest and to fuel conversation

There are so many accessories out there that are perfect for decorating. When possible, go with something that’s unique, rather than something that is mass-produced. If you’ve traveled, or simply like traveling, set out an ethnic piece that will get people’s attention. Books are another great accessory that can be used just about anywhere. Be sure to hit up any local flea markets or antique stores to find something that’s one-of-a-kind.

Use something big for a bit of drama

You can add some drama and a touch of designer style to any room simply by adding one large piece to it. Large pieces do more than draw the eye. They anchor the room and offer up an added bit of sophistication. Consider bringing in an oversized chair or armoire so it can be make the space look even more complete.

Come visit us at one of our retail locations or online! Looking for one of our fabric stores near you in Addison, TX? Stop by our Cutting Corners location in Dallas, Tx for great deals on discount designer fabrics. You will find something for every home interior project from gorgeous drapery fabrics to lightweight cottons and luxurious Dupioni Silks.

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