8 Easy Home Decorating Updates to Fit Your Budget

We don’t always have the funds on hand when we get the urge to decorate. Thankfully, there are quite a few ways you can update your space without investing too much. Take a look at our list below to see all you can do–affordably.

1. Rearrange your furniture. A simple shift in furniture can make a bigger difference than you may realize. Pulling furniture away from walls, facing chairs in different directions, and even changing the focal point, can alter the look and feel of the room.

2. Change the color of your front door. Putting a fresh coat of paint on the front door is a great way to spruce up your home’s curb appeal. Shades of blue, red, yellow and green can be fun, as well as warm and welcoming.

custom pillow covers Addison fabrics3. Swap out your accent pillows. It doesn’t matter if you buy them new, put a cover on them, or have them custom made, pillows are probably the simplest and most affordable ways to give a room a little update. Up for a little DIY project? Check out our pillow items and fabric selection.

4. Put a slipcover on in. If your furniture looks dated but is still in good shape, consider a slipcover. A custom slipcover will cost more than the one-size-fits-all you’ll find at the department store, but you’ll get something more suited to your tastes without having to purchase a whole new chair or sofa.

5. Add detail with a chair rail. Thanks to stick-on molding, adding a chair rail is a super easy way to give a room visual interest. To create some drama, choose two different shades of a favorite color–one for above the rail and one for below it.

6. Illuminate differently. There are so many cool light fixtures these days–and many of them at really affordable prices. A chandelier, some pendant lighting, wall sconces, and even new lamps (or lampshades) can give the space a dramatic change.

7. Paint something. A quick color change on the walls isn’t the only place paint can help update the space. Paint built-ins if you have them. You could even paint your kitchen cabinets, or a piece of furniture such as an entryway table, hutch, or dresser.

8. Change up your wall hangings. If you’ve had the same things hanging on your walls for years consider rearranging them. You could purchase a few new items to replace some old or you could simply have some of your favorites reframed in a way that provides more impact.

Blue, A Classic Color that Can Work for Anyone

There’s something special about the color blue. We can see the beauty of it when we look at the sea or when we look at the sky. Blue is a color known to be trustworthy, honest and loyal. It’s peaceful and tranquil, offering a calmness and sense of order without being pushy. It stirs up confidence and fuels wisdom. It can be masculine and feminine. It can be bold and bright or soft and soothing. In all its warm and cool tones, there’s no easier hue to work with. You really just can’t go wrong with using this classic color in your home.

Fort Worth Fabric Stores Blue A Classic Color that Can Work for Anyone

Blue can have very different effects on a room depending on its temperature. Warm blues contain hints of red, which tend to come toward you, making a room feel cozy. Because of this shades such as slate blue, ocean blue and denim are ideal choices for social spaces like the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Cool blues, on the other hand, have yellow in them and tend to recede, or back away, which can make spaces appear bigger. This means that colors like cobalt, turquoise, and ice blue work well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Another great thing about this color is that you really can’t have too much of it in one space. With so many ranges of blue at your fingertips, you can layer the variations within a single room–on the walls, the furniture, and the floor–without it ever feeling overdone.


PANTONE Riverside

If all blue is too much for you, consider these options: keep blues localized to the walls and accessories (whispers of blue are an easy way to anchor a calming neutral scheme) or go big and bold with a single piece of furniture upholstered in a hue that’s so deep and rich it becomes the focal point of the room.


Airy Blue

While several colors complement blue, there’s nothing more classic than blue and white. This classic combo will easily

bring a dose of tradition to any room.

One last thing to keep in mind is that blue is the easiest color to experiment with. For those who want a splash of color without being too intense or too bright, blue is the perfect compromise.

If you think you’d like to give blue a try, give some thought to Riverside and Airy Blue–two colors on Pantone’s fall lineup.


Also be sure to browse the selection of beautiful blue fabrics we have to offer.

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How Much Does Decorating Cost? : Decorating 101

When the time comes to decorate, you instinctively start crunching numbers to see how much the project will cost you. The thing is, there is no magic formula for figuring it out. You can, however, get an estimate by determining where the money should be spent.

How Much Does Decorating Cost? Decorating 101 Upholstery Fabric Katy

How Much Does Decorating Cost? : Decorating 101

The cost of decorating is different for everyone, for every home, and for every room. Let’s take a look at how to estimate what a decorating project will cost.

  1. Set a Budget or Range.Tip: In all honesty, it’s easier to determine what you’re willing to spend, rather than trying to guess what the project might cost.
  2. Make a list of the rooms you’d like to decorate.It is best to focus on one room at a time. However, if you are going to decorate more than one room, listing them out separate is definitely the way to go.
  3. Write down all the items that need to be purchased.Remember to include rugs, draperies, side tables, paint, light fixtures or lamps, mirrors and art, sofas or slipcovers and accessories!
  4. Assigning a dollar amount to each item as you go -Enter all of this information on a spreadsheet.*A little research can help you get an idea as to how much these things cost. Make sure the numbers you plug in reflect the items you want.
  5. Where to Skimp & Where to Splurge.When decorating a home, some areas require more investment than others. If uncertain about what those areas may be, think about the items that will get the most use. Typically, those items include seating, flooring, dining room tables, and mattresses. Skimping on items such as these could end up costing you more in the long run, should anything need replacing. If you want pieces that will last for decades, finding something of quality should be a priority. Another area to wisely invest in is labor. The people who help execute your project are very important, so take the time to seek out a licensed and reliable contractor if you need to use one.Areas that don’t necessarily require as much money are lighting, rugs, wall finishes, and accessories. If you have excess funds, then, by all means, go with something higher end. If you don’t, however, opt for a lower-cost, yet equally nice alternative. For example, if you can’t afford that wool area rug you’ve had your eye on, go for something made of jute or sea grass. Both are beautiful options that may fit better within your budget for the project.

When it comes to fabric, skip the chain stores that have huge markups. Instead, seek out fabric mill outlet stores, like us, that can provide you quality, designer fabrics at a discount. We have a wide variety of fabrics that are not only affordable but beautiful and durable as well.

Keep in mind that saving money doesn’t mean you have to settle for flimsy furniture. There are several thrift stores, antique shops and flea markets around that offer quality pieces for less. If you have a knack for DIY projects, you can easily give a vintage piece a fresher look to fit your style.

Accessories typically fall to the bottom of a homeowner’s list. While skimping on accessories is okay, you don’t want to wait until the last minute. Keep an eye open for things that will finish off the room and purchase them as you go so you aren’t scrambling around when the project is complete.

Other Things to Consider

It’s totally up to you which rooms you’d like to spend more money on, but as a general rule, invest in the areas you spend the most time in. You can always address the other rooms at a later time.

If a move to a new home is in your near future, don’t go overboard on spending a lot of money for things like window coverings or custom pieces. Save that for when you’ll be settled for a while.

One last thing to remain aware of is that you’ll likely go over budget. Surprises happen, so it’s wise to have a cushion for anything unexpected that may arise.

If you are looking for an upholstery fabric store near Houston, TX, we have just what you need! Come by either of our locations in Houston where you will find interior (and exterior) fabrics that will be the perfect compliment for your decorating project.

How to Start a Decorating Project: Decorating 101

You’ve made the decision to decorate your home but you’re stumped on how or where to begin. Decorating can be a challenging task, filled with costly decisions you’re reluctant to make. What is your design style? How much should you spend?  What can you do to ensure happiness with the outcome?

Window Treatments Conroe How to Start a Decorating Project Decorating 101

In this series, we’ll take you through the decorating process, one step at a time. Learning more about the process will hopefully increase your confidence to a level that will propel you to start your decorating project.

How to Start a Decorating Project – Step by Step:

  1. Take a look around your home with a critical eye. What do you like and dislike? Are you comfortable? Are you happy with the colors? The fabrics? The accessories?
    Consider this visual review a learning experience. Repeat the things you like, not the things you don’t.
  2. Grab a pen and create a wish list. Write down everything you would like to do if money weren’t an issue and then prioritize. Break down the list into what you can and can’t do, as well as what’s a necessity and what can wait.
  3. Gather as many visuals as you can. Having a stockpile of visuals on hand will make the decorating process go much smoother. Cut pictures from magazines to put in a folder or create some pinboards on Pinterest. You can even create virtual ideabooks on sites like Houzz.com. Be sure to capture each aspect of design (furnishings, focal points, wall colors, fabric patterns, etc.) so you can visualize your design as a whole and give yourself several weeks to months before you consider your image collection complete.Pictures are a great way to convey the design preferences you can’t articulate. The common denominator of characteristics will guide you. The bottom line: trust your instincts.
  4. Get the rest of the family involved. If your better half tells you to do whatever you want, don’t. Make he or she get involved–at least in the beginning–and encourage an opinion. It’s important to be in sync before any big changes or purchases are made. If you have children that are old enough to have a say, listen to their ideas as well. The home should be a place where everyone feels comfortable.

  5. Is it better to do it all at once or in stages? Honestly, that’s totally up to you and your budget. If you have the time and the money to do it all at once, go for it. If you’d like it done all at once but can’t afford it, keep saving your money and do it later.If you don’t mind not having it done all at once, then you’ll be better off doing the project in phases. Instead of doing a little bit in multiple rooms, complete one room at a time. The living room is a good place to start…

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Here is How to Use Outdoor Fabric for Indoor Spaces and Projects.

Perhaps you’ve flirted with the idea of using outdoor fabrics in your home but dismissed it because, well, they’re outdoor fabrics. But honestly, there’s no reason why you can’t use outdoor fabrics in indoor spaces. In fact, thanks to the popularity of outdoor living spaces, fabrics predominantly used outside have evolved into indoor-outdoor fabrics, which are more than worthy of being part of your home’s interior.

Fabric Store Houston Using Outdoor Fabrics in Indoor Spaces

What is Indoor-Outdoor Fabric? 

Indoor-outdoor fabrics are composed of synthetic fibers, such as acrylic and polyolefin. Unlike conventional fabric that is dipped in a vat of dye, indoor-outdoor fabrics have UV-resistant pigments mixed in before it even becomes a fiber–a process called solution dyeing. Not only are solution-dyed fabrics the most colorfast fabrics on the market, they hold up beautifully to busy lifestyles that include pets and kids. They can even handle being cleaned with bleach!

Types of Indoor-Outdoor Fabrics

There are a variety of indoor-outdoor fabrics to choose from, which can be categorized as wovens, print, sheers, and shade and marine fabrics. Although their aesthetics range from plain to intricate in detail, they match each other in durability and ease to clean.

Where to Use Them

Indoor-outdoor fabrics can really be used anywhere. Because of their extra features, however, they do tend to cost more than conventional fabrics, so it doesn’t hurt to plan out where these fabrics would serve you best.

Some places to consider include:

  • pet beds
  • family or game rooms
  • child’s playrooms
  • dining areas

If you’ve always wanted light-colored fabrics in any of these areas, here’s your chance! The stain resistance these fabrics offer make them excellent candidates for those areas you’ve shied away from.

WhatYou Can Expect and What You Should Look For

It’s important to keep your expectations realistic. While indoor-outdoor fabrics are both beautiful and tough, they aren’t indestructible. They do hold up better than most other fabrics, but it’s still fabric. As a general rule, seek nylon thread for indoor use.

In regards to fading, the degree of fade resistance depends on the fiber, whether it’s printed or not, and also the hours spent in direct sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, printed fabrics will generally retain their original appearance for approximately 500 hours, polyolefin fibers for 1,500 hours, and solution-dyed fabrics for 2,200 hours. Be sure to ask about warranties and how to properly care for your fabrics.

Looking for a great designer fabric at an affordable price? If you live in Georgetown, TX, take a quick trip to our Interior Fabrics showroom in Houston, Tx for great deals on all kinds of fabrics. You will find colors, textures, and furniture to make your bedroom a romantic retreat for you and your loved one.

Getting Your Home Into a Summer Mood

Certain things, like your home, should be a part of your summer routine. Here are some fun and creative ways to help your home embrace the summer months as much as you do.

Upholstery Stores in Scottsdale Getting Your Home Into a Summer Mood

1. Hang outdoor curtains. Watermelon, fireworks, lemonade, and hammocks are just some of the things that represent what summer is all about. But what about white curtains billowing in the wind? If that doesn’t say summer, I don’t know what does. To get that beachy vibe, try hanging some white sheers or linen drapery on your porch. Not only will you feel like you’re on vacay, you’ll have some extra shade and privacy too. Any of our lightweight fabrics should do the trick.

2. Make your outdoor space worthy of siestas and fiestas. If you have an outdoor space, make the most of it. Brighten outdoor seating with cushions and pillows covered in colorful fabrics. If you have the space, consider adding something like a daybed that’s perfect for afternoon naps or outdoor sleeping on warm summer nights. Deck it out with things that will prompt you and your friends and families to take a load off.

3. Make your table setting simple. Go with the flow and forgo putting everything in its usual place. Instead of storing silverware in the drawer, opt for keeping it in a decorative caddy right there on the dining table.Turn Your Home Into A Relaxing Summer Retreat in 7 Simple Steps

4. Add crisp sheets to your bed. Crisp cotton sheets in bright white, or in something like a navy and white nautical stripe, is ver beach house chic. Not only do they look good, they feel great after a day in the sun.

5. Restyle your shelves. Make life a little simpler this summer by minimizing excess from your shelves. Open shelving in living rooms or kitchens can benefit from the less is more principle. The extra breathing space will make your home feel more like a getaway spot.

6. Display fresh wildflowers in jelly or mason jars. A vintage touch can be very charming and very fitting for the season especially when it’s flowers in a jar. Step outside to your own backyard and plunk handpicked wildflowers into a cleaned out jelly or mason jar.

7. Set up a summery wet bar. All you need is a pretty tray, a few glasses (plastic if it’s outside) and a handful of citrus fruits to have a ready-to-go summer wet bar. Squeeze fresh juice for breakfast, make a pitcher of lemonade from scratch, or stock a cabinet with ingredients to make summer cocktails. It doesn’t really take much to have a variety of refreshments on hand.

Visit either of our two Scottsdale, Az area locations, a quick trip from Mesa, to check out the latest designer fabrics, trim, and hardware at wholesale prices.

5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Bedding

Whenever you find yourself in the mood for a little design “pick-me-up” consider new bed linens. Not only is investing in new bed linens a relatively inexpensive way to transform the look of the room, it’ll also increase your happiness and comfort–both of which, can contribute to a better night’s sleep. Here are 5 reasons why you should take the plunge and give your bed linens a style refresh.

Houston Upholstery Fabric Stores 5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Bedding

1. You get to experiment with pattern and color. Sometimes we can shy away from certain patterns and colors–especially in open areas–because we feel that we can’t undo something that may potentially go wrong. To get your feet wet, experiment with pattern and color in the bedroom. If anything goes too terribly wrong (which it shouldn’t) you can always close the door until you have time and money to replace that duvet cover or those accent pillows.

2. You can follow design trends. Trends come and go–and because they do, it can be a challenge to figure out which trends are worth following. For example, one of this year’s colors of the year is Rose Quartz, a light shade of pink. While you may not consider pink in your living or dining areas, it’s a great color to try out in the bedroom.

3. You get to make a big impact in a smaller space. It can be harder to make a big impact in smaller rooms of the house, especially if there’s no focal point to work with. In the bedroom, the bed IS the focal point, so how it’s dressed is extremely important. When the room doesn’t have much space for a lot of accessories or style details, the right linens can make a world of difference.

4. You can create the perfect dream retreat. At the end of a long day, we generally look forward to curling up in bed. With some simple bed styling, you can create that perfect dream retreat. It can be something sweet, floral and romantic, something sleek and luxe like a hotel, or something in between. Whatever your style, and whatever type of retreat you desire, can be created with updated bedding.

5. You can splurge. Splurging on things may be fun, but it’s not always practical. Because a lot of time is spent in the bedroom, and because it’s not so high-traffic like other rooms of the home, splurging makes more sense. This is also the room where you go to get refreshed. Having worn out linens probably doesn’t excite you. Something like natural silk or breathable 100% cotton high thread count bedding is well worth the investment. Not only is it luxurious, it’s a practical choice for allergy sufferers.

We have a wide selection of fabrics that are just perfect for your custom duvet cover and accent pillows.  Browse our selection online or come into one of the showrooms so we can help you in person. Need to find a fabric store near you in Houston? Stop by Interior Fabrics location in Austin where you will find endless discount designer fabrics for any project!

How to Give an Old Chair Cushion an Update

Even the cushions on quality chairs suffer from wear and tear, especially if they’re used regularly. While our natural instinct is to replace them with something new, this isn’t always the best solution. With a little time and TLC, you can give new life to old cushions by changing the fabric. Not only will you improve its look, you’ll get exactly what you want, without spending more than needed. Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to update an old chair cushion.

Scottsdale Upholstery Fabric How to Give an Old Chair Cushion an Update

1. Select your fabric

Maybe your fabric is worn. Maybe it’s simply outdated. Whatever the reason, updating your chair(s) with new fabric will give it a complete transformation. In regards to how much fabric you will need, a good general rule to follow is approximately 1-2 yards of fabric per chair cushion.

2. Remove the seat

You’ll need a screwdriver and a staple remover (needle-nose pliers will work as well) to remove the seat. Carefully turn the chair upside down and unscrew the seat, making sure to keep the screws together for later.

3. Update the fabric

Unless the inner padding needs to be replaced, there’s really no reason to remove the old fabric (you can, however, if you choose to). Simply spread out the new fabric, place the seat on top of it, and then measure 4-5 inches beyond the seat on all sides. Make your lines with chalk and then cut once it’s marked.

Center the seat, ensuring the pattern isn’t crooked. Starting with the straightest side of the seat, fold the fabric up and over, and then start stapling. Start with a center staple and then work your way out to the edges. Pull the fabric as tight as you can to avoid bunching. Work the opposite side and then do the remaining two. For round cushions, work your way around until you’ve reached your starting point. If any mistakes are made, pull the staples and start over.

4. Pleat the corners

Take the corner of the fabric and point it towards the center of the seat along the diagonal. Fold one side down alongside the diagonal and then fold the other side so you have a straight pleat. Staple it once you like how it looks. Finish the remaining three corners.

5. Apply finishing touches and reattach

Trim any excess fabric, hammer in any staples that aren’t flush, and treat the cushion for stain protection. Return the seat to the chair and screw it back into place.

Let us help you find the perfect fabric! 

We have beautiful fabrics to choose from and a knowledgeable staff who can help you determine the best fabric for your project. Browse online or come into either of our two Mesa, Az area showrooms our showroom to see what other shades and patterns we have to offer.

Your Guide to Decorating Your First Home

If you’re in the market for a new abode or have officially signed on the dotted line, congratulations–goodbye renting and hello homeownership! You’ve finally achieved what so many seek out to do: you have a place to make all your own. Since you’ve just plopped down a chunk of your finances to get this place, the thought of decorating it may feel totally overwhelming. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just creating a more grown up atmosphere, this guide should serve you well. Let’s talk a bit more about what should be considered when decorating your first home.

Katy Upholstery Fabric Your Guide to Decorating Your First Home


Decide what you like. Some people aren’t well-versed in design styles–and that’s OK. It doesn’t mean they have no opinions, it just means they aren’t sure how to articulate their preferences.

A good place to start is by looking through photos of other homes. You can easily do this on Pinterest. Create a board of your favorites and then look for the common denominators in terms of furniture style, patterns, and color. Our past “Design Styles Defined” blog posts break down elements of each design style, which can also help.

Create a budget. Budgets vary between homeowners, so the ability to decorate will vary as well. Figure out how much you can spend and stick to it. If your budget doesn’t allow for decorating the whole place at once, pick the room where you will spend the majority of your time and then make it your priority.

Invest in a bed and a sofa. These two pieces of furniture should be at the top of your to-buy list since they are the two pieces most likely to follow you onto the next home. The bed will be the center of your bedroom and the sofa will set the stage for your living area. Aim for pieces that are well-built. Even a custom piece is worth considering. Finding something of quality will cost a bit more, but you’ll benefit from it in the long run.

Pick a color palette. Your color palette can be pulled from anywhere. An outfit, a piece of art and an area rug are just a few things that can fuel your color inspiration. Whatever you use, just make sure you are happy with your color choices. You can easily change paint and accessories but it’s not as easy once fabrics are involved. Stick with neutrals on large investment pieces and save the patterned fabrics for a beautiful accent chair or some decorative throw pillows.

Sketch out a floor plan and measure everything. A rough sketch of how you’d like the room laid out is a good idea. This allows you to see your ideas come to life, so you have a better picture of what your home’s footprint will look like. You can find several free floor plan programs online, including this one.

Additionally, it’s important to take measurements of everything, including doorways, stairs and elevator openings (if you have any). Furniture will look very different in your home than it does in a showroom, so measure, measure, measure!

If you have to skimp…

…do it with accessories. You can easily pick up mirrors, pillows, and lamps from stores like T.J. Maxx, Target, and Ikea. No one will be the wiser.

Another little tip is to mix some old with your new. Hit up the local antique stores, of pop into flea markets, auctions and garage sales. Your home will have more personality and depth where there are pieces that have some history behind them.

If you have to hold off on that custom couch until you can afford it, it’s okay to buy an inexpensive, “temporary” piece. Fill the empty spot and then save up until you can really splurge on that dream furnishing.

Before you throw in the towel…

…take a deep breath and remember that your first home probably won’t be your last home. As much as want to have instant gratification, there’s no rush. You can still have fun with what you’re able to do and enjoy your space as it is in the here and now.

When you are looking for a fabric store near you in Katy, stop by our Interior Fabrics locations in Houston, TX for great deals on interior upholstery fabrics. You will find something for every home interior project from gorgeous drapery fabrics to lightweight cotton fabrics.

A Custom Shower Curtain Can Complete Your Bathroom

While there’s nothing new about custom decor, it is becoming increasingly popular these days. The idea of having something specially tailored to fit your personality and style is very appealing, so it’s no wonder more and more people are seeking ways to incorporate something custom made into their abode.

Multi-Purpose Fabrics Plano Tx

One thing, however, that doesn’t come to mind as quickly as other custom items are shower curtains. Many people have walk-in showers, but there are still several homes out there in need of a curtain. Typically, a shower curtain is simply considered a functional aspect of the space, being that it keeps the water inside the shower and off the floor–but they are so much more than that. Shower curtains are the focal point in the bathroom, so they are worth careful consideration. If you have a custom designed bathroom, it only makes sense to complete the design with a custom curtain. If you don’t, however, a custom shower curtain can still make a world of difference in the space.

A shower curtain in the bathroom is essentially the equivalent to drapery in the rest of the home. The right shower curtain can give your bath a rich designer look, and thankfully, when you go custom, you can give your bathroom the exact look you want.

When designing your custom fabric shower curtain, there are many routes you can take to give it that personal touch. You can replace button holes with grommets, sew the curtains as panels with tiebacks or a coordinating valance, or have them made with a rod pocket, so it slides directly onto the tension rod.

When it comes to fabric, just about anything will do. Some popular choices include fabrics like cotton, hemp, polyester, lace, silk, linen, canvas, and burlap. They each have their pros and cons, so it’s important that you take the curtain’s use into consideration. For example, a guest bath that rarely gets used could handle a silk shower curtain. A bathroom that is used daily would not–unless you like a curtain riddled with hard-to-clean water spots. Natural fabrics feel and look more luxurious, but they are higher maintenance than synthetics. Synthetics are by far the most affordable and are known for their water repellent properties, which help reduce mildew.

In the end, the design is all up to you–but we can at least get you started in the fabric department. Come in to see us, or browse our selection of multi-purpose fabrics online so that you can complete the look of your bath in a very designer way.

Come visit us at one of our retail locations or shop online! Looking for one of our discount designer fabric stores near you in Plano? Stop by our Cutting Corners location in Dallas, Tx (located off Midway between alpha and Spring Valley) for great deals on animal print fabrics. You will find something for every home drapery and upholstery project.

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