How to Decorate with Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year

As a society, we’ve hit a peak (and our stride) in the “going green” movement–and, once again, Pantone has taken notice. For 2017, Pantone’s has picked Greenery as its color of the year–a color truly fitting to fresh starts and our desire to live more sustainably.

Pantone, the color gurus, calls this vibrant yellow-green hue “nature’s neutral”. Not only is it pretty, it’s easy to decorate with. Here are 5 ways how.

1. Front door

Need to kick that curb appeal into high gear? Greenery is the perfect color of it. A vivid pop of green on your front door will certainly give visitors (and those passing by) a jolt of energy. It’s a stunning color that can set the tone and make a statement from the get-go. If a front door makeover is too much, opt for some pretty Greenery-hued planters or seating.

2. Accent wall

It can be hard to change your entire color palette, especially if it involves painting multiple walls. So don’t. Just stick with bringing Greenery into your home one wall at a time. Greenery is vibrant just as much as it is soothing, so the bedroom is a great place to start. Cover a single wall in it for a retreat that’s both cheerful and relaxing.

3. Plants

Since Greenery gives a nod to nature, it should be no surprise that people will want to bring some of the outdoors in. English ivy, aloe, pothos, dieffenbachia, and spider plants are just a handful of the easiest indoor plants that won’t die on you. Indoor vines are also extremely trendy these days. Don’t have a green thumb? Opt for something artificial instead.

4. Fabric

New fabric is a wonderful way to add a splash of color and personality to your home. Simply reupholstering a piece of furniture, or sliding on some new pillow covers, can breathe new life into a space that’s in need of a little update. Feeling brave? Recover your entire sofa in a fresh shade of green. For something a little less permanent, opt for hanging new drapes or incorporating some new accent pillows. When it comes to fabric, it doesn’t really matter if you go big or so small–any new touch of fabric is a win for your home.

Our Wafer fabric is a great choice if you’re looking to add this hue into your home.


5. Backsplash

Backsplash in the kitchen or bathroom can serve as an eye-catching focal point. Not only is it protective, it’s stylish. Perhaps your backsplash needs an update–or maybe you don’t have have any backsplash at all! Whatever the case, decorative tiles in a green hue is a great way to incorporate Greenery into your home. A little update like this can give the space a fresh new look. Go all in with exclusively green tiles or only add it here and there to create a pattern. However you choose to do it, it’ll look great.


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