Creative Ways to Add a Little Fall to Your Home

Autumn is without a doubt, my favorite season. Once the leaves start changing colors I become giddy with excitement over all the wonderful things fall has to offer, which is why, of course, I go crazy with the fall decorations. Even if it’s not “officially” fall yet (but close) I’m chomping at the bit to haul out my bins of festive decor. The beautiful colors! The delicious smells! I want it all!

The thing is if you’re anything like me, a warm and welcoming home is especially desirable this time of year. There’s just something extra special about that cozy feeling once the days get shorter and the air gets cooler. It’s what makes those frigid nights bearable and those family gatherings all the more memorable.

Thankfully, for fall fanatics like me, it doesn’t take much to harness that coziness and execute it in a way that radiates through your home, carrying you through to warmer days. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. While there are several ways you can bring a touch of fall into your home, we’re going to focus on 3 specific ways you can get creative with autumn colors to spread that much-desired warmth throughout your space.


Revive something with a fresh coat of paint.

If you’re ever unsure about what to do, think paint. Paint is one of the easiest ways to change the look of your home and it’s something that can be used just about anywhere. Seriously. A desk chair, a kitchen island, a wall, a bookcase, a sofa table, a dresser, the front door–all places that could easily be freshened up with paint. And that’s just scratching the surface. I bet if you looked around, you’d see something you could paint. I advise you, however, to stick with items that have already painted or that are ones you don’t mind painting. If you’re making it a DIY project, be sure to educate yourself on all the proper steps to create a piece that will not only look great but last for years to come. There are plenty of DIY upcycling tutorials online that can get you started if you’re up for a fun challenge.

Of course, you’ll want to pick the perfect color and Pantone is a great place to start. Since they are known as the color experts, it’s worth taking the time to check out the color reports they release each season. You’d be amazed at what they consider fall colors and how many of them can easily work year round. Once you find one you love, you’ll have no problem finding it, or a close replica, though one of the many paint manufacturers out there.

Add fall-colored accessories throughout the house.

Accessories are another simple way to decorate for the season. Try walking into any craft store without being bombarded by seasonal decor–it’s impossible. Wreaths, silk flowers, centerpieces, wall hangings–it’s all there for your choosing. A beautiful display of flowers in a tall orange glass bottle or vase may seem too simplistic, but it’s actually a wonderful way to add a splash of seasonal color without putting in much effort. A fall-inspired picture hung on the wall is also an easy yet effective way to add seasonal warmth to the space. Pumpkins on the table, wreaths made of leaves or flowers of autumn hues, rustic floor rugs, such as this Drake, designed by Joanna Gaines, and scented candles in autumn shades are some other ideas that can influence the look and atmosphere of your home. And don’t just stop inside the house! The exterior of your home can be just as important as the interior of your home. Adding some accents outside the home to make it look inviting from the outside.

Incorporate new fabrics.

This is especially easy to do if you have more neutral pieces of furniture, but it can still work if you don’t. Some easier ways to incorporate new fabrics would be by changing out window treatments, accent pillows, or tablecloths. A larger project would be to reupholster or add a slipcover to a piece of furniture such as a chair. Often times you can find seasonal fabrics at a department store, but they tend to be limited. As a general rule, you’d be better off visiting your local fabric store or purchasing your fabric online. Doing so would ensure finding the exact patterns and colors you want, which is the great thing about having something custom made.

No matter what you choose to do, don’t feel like you have to go overboard with your decor. Start small the first year and then as each new fall season rolls around, build on what you’ve started, or try something completely different. Either way, you’ll be sure to make your home feel like a cozy and warm just like autumn should be.

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