5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Bedding

Whenever you find yourself in the mood for a little design “pick-me-up” consider new bed linens. Not only is investing in new bed linens a relatively inexpensive way to transform the look of the room, it’ll also increase your happiness and comfort–both of which, can contribute to a better night’s sleep. Here are 5 reasons why you should take the plunge and give your bed linens a style refresh.

Houston Upholstery Fabric Stores 5 Reasons You Need to Update Your Bedding

1. You get to experiment with pattern and color. Sometimes we can shy away from certain patterns and colors–especially in open areas–because we feel that we can’t undo something that may potentially go wrong. To get your feet wet, experiment with pattern and color in the bedroom. If anything goes too terribly wrong (which it shouldn’t) you can always close the door until you have time and money to replace that duvet cover or those accent pillows.

2. You can follow design trends. Trends come and go–and because they do, it can be a challenge to figure out which trends are worth following. For example, one of this year’s colors of the year is Rose Quartz, a light shade of pink. While you may not consider pink in your living or dining areas, it’s a great color to try out in the bedroom.

3. You get to make a big impact in a smaller space. It can be harder to make a big impact in smaller rooms of the house, especially if there’s no focal point to work with. In the bedroom, the bed IS the focal point, so how it’s dressed is extremely important. When the room doesn’t have much space for a lot of accessories or style details, the right linens can make a world of difference.

4. You can create the perfect dream retreat. At the end of a long day, we generally look forward to curling up in bed. With some simple bed styling, you can create that perfect dream retreat. It can be something sweet, floral and romantic, something sleek and luxe like a hotel, or something in between. Whatever your style, and whatever type of retreat you desire, can be created with updated bedding.

5. You can splurge. Splurging on things may be fun, but it’s not always practical. Because a lot of time is spent in the bedroom, and because it’s not so high-traffic like other rooms of the home, splurging makes more sense. This is also the room where you go to get refreshed. Having worn out linens probably doesn’t excite you. Something like natural silk or breathable 100% cotton high thread count bedding is well worth the investment. Not only is it luxurious, it’s a practical choice for allergy sufferers.

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