Using Outdoor Fabrics in Indoor Spaces

Perhaps you’ve flirted with the idea of using outdoor fabrics in your home but dismissed it because, well, they’re outdoor fabrics. But honestly, there’s no reason why you can’t use outdoor fabrics in indoor spaces. In fact, thanks to the popularity of outdoor living spaces, fabrics predominantly used outside have evolved into indoor-outdoor fabrics, which are more than worthy of being part of your home’s interior.

Fabric Store Georgetown Using Outdoor Fabrics in Indoor Spaces

What is Indoor-Outdoor Fabric? 

Indoor-outdoor fabrics are composed of synthetic fibers, such as acrylic and polyolefin. Unlike conventional fabric that is dipped in a vat of dye, indoor-outdoor fabrics have UV-resistant pigments mixed in before it even becomes a fiber–a process called solution dyeing. Not only are solution-dyed fabrics the most colorfast fabrics on the market, they hold up beautifully to busy lifestyles that include pets and kids. They can even handle being cleaned with bleach!

Types of Indoor-Outdoor Fabrics

There are a variety of indoor-outdoor fabrics to choose from, which can be categorized as wovens, print, sheers, and shade and marine fabrics. Although their aesthetics range from plain to intricate in detail, they match each other in durability and ease to clean.

Where to Use Them

Indoor-outdoor fabrics can really be used anywhere. Because of their extra features, however, they do tend to cost more than conventional fabrics, so it doesn’t hurt to plan out where these fabrics would serve you best.

Some places to consider include:

  • pet beds
  • family or game rooms
  • child’s playrooms
  • dining areas

If you’ve always wanted light-colored fabrics in any of these areas, here’s your chance! The stain resistance these fabrics offer make them excellent candidates for those areas you’ve shied away from.

WhatYou Can Expect and What You Should Look For

It’s important to keep your expectations realistic. While indoor-outdoor fabrics are both beautiful and tough, they aren’t indestructible. They do hold up better than most other fabrics, but it’s still fabric. As a general rule, seek nylon thread for indoor use.

In regards to fading, the degree of fade resistance depends on the fiber, whether it’s printed or not, and also the hours spent in direct sunlight. When exposed to direct sunlight, printed fabrics will generally retain their original appearance for approximately 500 hours, polyolefin fibers for 1,500 hours, and solution-dyed fabrics for 2,200 hours. Be sure to ask about warranties and how to properly care for your fabrics.

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