The Simple, Yet Stylish Slipper Chair

Though they seem small, the slipper chair is actually big on sophistication. Since the early 18th century, the slipper chair has been a stylish addition to all rooms in the home. With its low, wide seating and armless design, the slipper chair offers clean, classic lines that can work with several design styles. And, with today’s bold and bright fabric choices, the slipper chair will certainly command your attention. Let’s take a look at how this sleek chair can inject charm and grace into your home.

Fabric Supplier Austin The Simple Yet Stylish Slipper Chair

Seat More Guests

If you have a small dining area, then a slipper chair is an ideal option. Because of their lack of arms and small, lightweight frames, you can squeeze in a few extra seats for dinner guests. This also comes in handy when the extra chairs need to be stored away.

Complete a Bed

A pair of slipper chairs placed at the foot of the bed is a wonderful way to add a little drama to the bedroom. Tufting will make them extra plush and nail head trim will add a masculine touch.

Fill a Nook

Slipper chairs have slender silhouettes, making them the perfect choice for small nooks in need of seating. Adding a pair of chairs can turn any small space into an intimate and comfortable seating area.

Make It a Focal Point

Slipper chairs are petite, but only in size. When it comes to style, this type of chair can have a big impact. Streamlining the design in the area where the chair will be used, and upholstering the chair in a show-stopping fabric, will make it easy for it to stand out.

We can help you create a custom piece!

Our Benny (pictured above) is a classic slipper chair with wood legs stained a beautiful dark walnut. Stop by our showroom and talk with us about frames and fabrics, so we can help you get the perfect piece for your home.

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