A Bedroom Fit for Romance

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner–but truth be told, you don’t need a holiday to dictate romantic decor. A lot of time is spent in the bedroom, so in all reality, there’s nothing wrong with keeping that soft, soothing and romantic vibe all year long.

For inspiration, we’re going to use the five senses. Building your design around your senses of sight and touch–and then incorporating the extras of taste, smell, and sound–is a wonderful way to ensure the full romantic experience.



Flattering colors is a no-fail way to appeal to your sense of sight, so for the bedroom, opt for something on the softer side. This doesn’t mean you can’t add some drama to the space–just keep it balanced by selecting one main thing to give the room punch, and keep all the accents and accessories neutral. Romantic colors to consider are crisp or creamy whites, soft grays and blues, lavender and pale pinks.

Some softer romantic colors to consider include crisp or creamy whites, soft grays and blues, lavender, and pale pinks. Richer colors that reflect drama and passion include chocolate brown and deep shades of red. For a luxe look, select a neutral palette and accent with silver finishes.

Lighting is also key when creating a romantic space. Make overhead lighting better by installing a dimmer switch. Lamps on nightstands or dressers and wall sconces provide just the right amount of light needed in a cozy room. Keep candles handle for special evenings. For windows, layer your treatments with sheers. Sheers will provide the right amount of privacy without shutting out all the natural light.


Texture is an important component of decorating–one that the bedroom can’t live without. You can add texture by hanging window treatments made of velvet or lace, using a romantic fabric pattern on an upholstered chair, and by adding accessories like a faux fur rug, chenille throw and much more. But since the bed is the main focal point in a bedroom, we’ll focus more on that.

When it comes to the bed, the more luxurious, the better! Select high-quality Egyptian or Prima sheets, soft blankets, plush pillows and custom bedding for the ultimate sleep experience. If custom bedding is out of reach, splurge a bit more on a fluffy down duvet or ultra soft quilt to top your bed off.

For added romance, include an upholstered headboard (or even a canopy). An upholstered headboard is a wonderful way to bring in additional color and texture to the room. It’ll give that extra touch of sophistication you’re looking for. We have a very nice selection of custom headboard styles to choose from that you can view here.


It’s possible that you–or your significant other–enjoy the occasional breakfast in bed. Or maybe coffee by a window. Perhaps you’ve popped open a bottle of champagne on an anniversary. If there are ever times you use the bedroom for food and drink purposes, try to decorate with that in mind. If room allows, add a bistro-sized table and chair set to create a romantic nook. A loveseat or two accent chairs would be another option. For smaller spaces, consider just keeping a tray handy, so you’re prepared for those romantic moments at home.


Certain smells trigger emotions and even memories, so scents in the bedroom are more important that you may realize. In day-to-day life, the smell of clean bedding is enough, but for special, romantic moments, bring in smells you both enjoy. Candles are the easiest way to do that. If you aren’t sure what your partner likes, keep the scents mild. However, if you both have a fondness for a similar smell, go all in. For example, if you have a favorite vacation spot pick scented candles that will remind you of your time there. Group candles together to create the look of a romantic “fireplace.”


For the finishing touch, keep your favorite music hand. Store a few CDs you enjoy in the nightstand, or at the very least, have a “go-to” playlist ready to go on your mp3 player. And ditch the TV if you can. Not only does it disrupt sleep, but it can also distract you from one another. The bedroom should be a sanctuary, so sound–or the lack thereof, is important.

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